Sunday, December 15, 2013

This has been a[nother] busy week...

but busy is my norm 
[and it's good for me right now --]
I've finished up the decorating ...
We spent some time in Nashville this week...
it's truly feeling like winter outside right now
And we saw snow! 
Apparently downtown Nashville got a about an inch...
  We had tickets to see Donny and Marie's Christmas Show -
and it was really good! 
They did all kinds of music including some oldies, some opera, 
some country and some of their recent stuff ~ as well as Christmas.
I refused to pay for the most expensive seats 
and was surprised to find that we got an upgrade to those very seats once we got there. Fun.
The next day we had breakfast at the Loveless Cafe - 
something Craig's always wanted to do... delish.
And he walked across the Natchez Trace Bridge...
A beautiful day to start the walk ---
[Can you see him there on the right?]
We shopped some and went by to see my sister and her family...
Boy! Are they busy in their store at this time of year!!
 Then we drove through Fayetteville on the way home 
 ~ such a fun little town....
and saw Jason Crabb in concert for some *real* Christmas music 
[that celebrates the real reason for the season...]
 I got together with my crafty friends and had a Christmas party together -
Much thanks to Sandra for the photo!
 [edited with pic monkey -]
We've also had a couple of meals with friends this week 
- always fun to have time to sit and visit...
then Craig and did some shopping and planning and driving around to look at lights --
 And after church yesterday I made a big batch of 
The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls -   
Some for us and some to share!
Oh, and can you tell I've got another phone app?!?!
I was THRILLED when I learned that Rhonna's app was finally available for droid - I've been waiting months for it - and oh my! It includes sooooo many wonderful bits and pieces. 
I'm addicted... 
So I'll apologize now for the overload of photos that I'll be sharing....
[RhonnaDesigns - just $1.99, if you want to give it a try!]


Gloria L said...

Hi Judy! I caught up with your blog today and discovered your mom's passing. So sorry. But glad that you had such a long time with her around. So many memories to document! Loved your Thanksgiving reunion idea and the lovely setting. Have a special Christmas. And one more thing - WAR EAGLE!

Sandy #1781 said...

As always, I am behind with your blog (and everything else in my life, but it's good)! I really enjoyed seeing all the photos of your trip and reading about where and who, etc. Thanks Judy. Never think you have too many pictures. Merry Christmas
Sandy #1781