Friday, September 6, 2013

Today I wanted to share my Summer Camp Projects --

I stumbled upon this fun camp through a sweet friend I met last fall
and I just have to say - WOW -
This was a blast!
We had daily challenges for a week - all with a summer camp theme:
So here they are - in random order -
Ghost Stories -
 I scanned one of the few photos of me as a kid [trimmed it out with my fiskars scissors] and used some SEI papers and Halloween stickers from my fall embellishment baggie ... I think it's crazy that I didn't do the circle of light.. am not sure how my dad accomplished that back in 1961 - but  I love it.
Camp Songs -
 Any song was welcomed - so I used the Auburn Fight Song and
photos of the last tree rolling at Toomer's Corner from April 2013.
[Some of the photos are off the internet - I'm not above grabbing photos to tell the complete story - I figure it's kind of like clipping photos from the newspaper back in the day -]
S'Mores [layers]*
This is a favorite layout of mine... 
- with lots of layers. Oh how I love this verse!
Star Gazing*
 This was a layout I'd completed earlier and I added stars to the banners
 to meet the challenge requirement.
Wood Working - 
I'll admit - I HAVE NOT EMBRACED all the wood theme products in scrapbooking... I printed everything but the scrabble tiles off the internet... and I do kind of love the background paper
[I printed an extra - ha.]
Y'all know I love a good curved arrow!
And I added lots of arrow embellishments too...
I love this paper but thought it needed something to balance the pattern in the lower corner... so I cut strips at even intervals across the top and wove in the red dotted paper... And added stuff from my Christmas baggie... [I seriously DO NOT need to buy another piece of Christmas product for the next ten years -]
Mess Hall
Love this family photo [and the fun foods we had during our summer fish fry -]
 Nature Walk 
Okay - so I went a little mixed media on this one [it's in my art journal] - painted the leaf [elephant ear, from our garden] and pressed it down on the page... 
added the photo and some journaling.
Water Play
This page opens up to show more photos...
 [Inside -]
Photos are from our trip to The Gulf  for a work conference in February.
[I tape the extra half page to the edge to form a 'hinge' - ]
Capture the Flag
I'm truly embracing banners these days so this was easy to do - and these were photos I'd needed to scrap for a while now...
 Mail Call
I don't do many cards - but was able to pull this one together with stuff from a coordinating kit.
Sick Bay
This is one that is very personal to me - 
but stuff I want my boys to know...
and, lastly,
 Trail Mix
This challenge required a certain # of products 
[patterned papers, mixed alphabets, ribbon, etc.] - always fun to me. - 
Again - some photos that had been hanging out for a while needing to be scrapped.
This was a crazy busy scrapping week with challenges popping up at any time - and all but two* were completed new for these challenges - 
I found it fun to get back to my crafting roots!

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