Monday, September 2, 2013

This week was full -

I traveled for work a few days and Craig had some dental work done 
and we worked on projects around the house - 
He used every free moment to give Wendell a good wax and 
I made batch after batch of jelly -
It's really not hard to do once you have the berries juiced...
It just takes a little time -
And I decided it was [past] time to burn off three rubbish piles we had up near the garden - I'd love to be able to mow that area and have it debris free. So, with Craig's help we moved a stack of old windows that we'd bought years ago with some project of mine in mind and started a fire in all three piles - turns out just one really caught up so I spent most of the day feeding the stuff from the other two into it - hot nasty work - but I got it done. 
This is how it looked at the end of the day.
The only other real close-to-home news I have to share is that 
we've put the tiny dog on a strict beauty diet - 
We've noticed that these last few weeks her fur has changed dramatically - 
I've read that a long-haired chihuahua's coat doesn't fully come in until they're 
a couple of years old and so attributed it to that - 
But her fur is just not looking healthy... 
so she's started on a two week test of food 
guaranteed to produce a more lovely coat. 
And we've committed to not giving her ANY human foods during this period of time... 
although I did see Craig sneak her a couple of pieces of apple this weekend. 
[Yes. She eats it.]

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Shirley Ross said...

I love your sharing nature, Judy. Sounds like a busy week. And our Todd loves his carrots. I put Sasha and Todd on vitamins, one for joints and one for skin and coat. It does make a difference. Looking forward to your nest post.