Monday, August 5, 2013

It was another CrAzY week

- but y'all know by now that we EMBRACE crazy - 
and LOVE to be on-the-go -- so GO we did... 
And, who knew?
 There's no reason to go to Kansas afterall...
[There's a mushroom rock right here in Alabama!
I'll tell you more about WHERE in just a bit -]
At the beginning of the week we enjoyed going over to Guntersville to hear a steel drum band - 
such a neat instrument! 
They've built a new park right in the heart of town that's perfect for summer concerts - of course, we enjoyed catfish from Top of The River while we were over that way...
Saturday we did a part of The World's Longest Yard Sale 
[seriously - it runs on US HWY 127 from Michigan to Alabama]
I'll share more about THAT in a few days...
But when you take the back roads [like we love to do] you never know when you might run into a small town celebrating 150 years of their heritage... fun.
Or see gorgeous wildflowers along the way -
I think Junelle has me tuned into looking for them now...
 We ended the day by driving up a foggy mountain road to camp 
in a little area known as Horse Pens Forty...
And, as you can see from the sign - they have amazing rock formations...
[Like Mushroom Rock - Again, who knew?]
 I think they also have some pretty good
blue grass concerts scattered throughout the year too...
 But the camp ground? 
I wonder if we REALLY were in a horse pen...
They were pretty -

And the rocks were pretty spectacular too...
Kind of reminded me of the tales of the 
'Old Bluff Woman' I heard so often as a child.
We took a quick hike through the rocks before getting cleaned up for church  Sunday morning - so please forgive the 'just rolled out of bed' look in the photos - lol.
After our little hike we headed on down the road a bit...
It was wonderful to worship with my brother and his family - 
He's a part of the praise team at his church and such a talented musician! 
But the main focus of the day was on this precious one 
celebrating her 5th birthday - 
How is that even possible?
These days she LOVES dolphins so, 
of course the party was themed around that...


And she had a very specific idea of how she wanted her cake - 

A pink dolphin grocery shopping at Wal-Mart -
Now,  I bet you don't see THAT everyday!
But Mom and Dad pulled it off!
- DO you see the little self of groceries behind the dolphin shopper?
 [I love the banners Mom made for the party too!
And it's always fun to blow out your birthday candles!
Happy Birthday MK!!


Gloria L. said...

Sounds like you had a great week! I went on the 127 sale on Thursday, then hubby and I went up in to GA on Saturday. Got a little sunburned!

M.K. said...

just got a chance to read all this... LOVE your pics of the party. our pictures of candle/cake time are not this good. i may have to steal some from here!!