Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Welcome back to the [monthly] Faith Based Challenge for 2013! 
This year I'm sharing some of my favorite Nicole C. Mullen songs with you 
to encourage you to create your own faith based pages
– whether scrapbook pages, art pages, or journaling pages –
Create whatever you’re led to do!
Here's my project for this month - based on a fun little song that I enjoy so much:
 You can listen to it here -
I love everything about this song -
and aren't we so blessed that Jesus paid the ultimate price to 
give us our eternal freedom in Him?!?So I wanted my page [I stuck it down in my art journal] to reflect that - 
I've not had a lot of creative time these last few weeks so I went digital for this one - copied the words to the song and scanned a copy of a little water-colored [vintage] camper to put on top.
Let Freedom Ring! 
Take a listen to it and let me know what you think!
And I’d love to have you share your creations with me! 
 All songs are from the album below -
I know I've shared before that
the Summer of 2007 was a tough time for us as a family. 
One or both of our parents was hospitalized for 12 weeks --
The Lord gave this album to me to listen to while on the road 
back and forth and back and forth
[and back and forth]
 – and it spoke to my heart. 
I love to listen to it still. 
So I want to share some of my favorites with you this year!
[And hopefully these songs will be an inspiration to you too!]

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