Friday, July 12, 2013

Do y'all remember when I briefly mentioned

a [fake] groom's cake?
Well, here's the deal - 
The night before the wedding we hosted a nice little
 'pre-wedding' dinner at Portabello's in Downtown Disney

 Here's the invite -
[y'all know I love to make those!]
It was very nice and relaxing 
to all be together to celebrate Drew and Haley 
the night before their big day.
 And I wanted a groom's cake;
[we knew they were going to have a beautiful wedding cake at the reception]
- just a plain cake with Mickey's and flags, 
something like this -

[See how my brain works --
three different ideas for the top --]
But as I begin to think of the reality of having a big cake,
with LOTS left over, it seemed kind of senseless to do it - 
[we were all in hotel rooms with little, if any, fridge space.]
AND we were having a delicious chocolate cake with our meal - 
AND they were going to charge an extra $2 per person to cut and serve it...
So - enter the fake cake -
Did you know this is all the rage now?
And did you know they cost 85% of a regular cake?
But I priced the forms at Micheal's - and they ain't cheap.
So I went back to the drawing board in my mind
[it can be a scarey place...]
And I decided I could do it myself - 
on a smaller scale -
just as a center piece --
[Remember we were having that wonderful 
toffee crunch chocolate cake for dessert...]
So I started collecting boxes - figuring square would be easier to work with - and cutting and taping them to the sizes I wanted - So sorry I didn't get photos of them plain...
But basically, I have a tiny juice box on top that I got at a Senior Center I was visiting - then there's the top of a neutragana rainbath box that I recently bought, and on the bottom, a little 8x8 gift box...
So, I bought some ready-to-roll fondant [on sale!!] 
at Wal-Mart and went to work.
This stuff is cRaZy easy to work with!
[[[I'm ready for the family cake contest!!!]]]
I pulled out my trusty Mickey punch and gave it a little 
dusting of powdered sugar and cut my Mickeys - 
the hardest part of this was getting the fondant thin enough - 
but not so thin that it would tear...
Next I used some leftover lace 
[hello vintage tag swap - lol] 
to trim the edges
- I often use ribbon to trim my cakes -
and used water to stick the Mickeys on...
 [The water spots dried] and I added my flags on top 
- using little wooden skewers I had in the kitchen -
after Craig drilled holes through the fondant and boxes - ha.
I love it when an idea comes together.


billiejo said...

Very Clever Cake Judy! Definitely a smart move to make it decorative only. I love the Mickey Mouse punches.

billiejo said...

Maybe I should add too that I am Sandy #1781. I've followed you for so long, the default email address is my Billiejo instead of my Fiskateer address. LOL!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

You are simply amazing! By the look on each face, this waS quite a hit at the celebration!