Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, y'all know I'm not the only creative one

around here, don’t you?
I wanted to share with you a little something – something
that my sweet hubby did a couple of weeks ago…
 The youngest has had window problems in his car for a while now [maybe a year already -?]
– The back ones just won’t roll up.  It’s been hard to take the time to get them checked since he lives four hours away [but I think they were looked at a few months back and Hubs was looking for the parts when our budget allowed …] – so fast forward to last month when the car was home, new tires were put on [the more pressing need] and the windows looked at once again…
It was decided that it wasn’t the regulator at all – but instead just a little clip that holds the window onto the regulator was broken --on both back windows. Hubs called several places and made more than one trip to the dealership and parts stores in an attempt to buy JUST THIS PIECE – but was told over and over a couple of different things – you must buy new windows [$200 each] or you must buy new regulators [$150 each.]
But being the frugal person that he is he decided
that he could just make the little clip himself –
it was just a tiny piece of hard plastic, afterall…
So, he bought a cutting board at Wal-Mart and spent a few hours late one evening
cutting and sawing and fitting until it worked.
Good as new!
[The black ones are the original, broken, ones.]
he installed them and
the youngest helped him test them out and get it all back together –
I love this man –
and I love that he has the confidence to give an idea a go –
I mean, if it didn’t work we’d only be out $10.00 for the cutting board and grease –
oh, and at least $300 [+labor] for the repair –
I’m glad he gave it a try!

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Gloria L. said...

I really enjoyed this post - this is something we have done, too!