Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh how I love Spring in The South!

And this year [since winter can't seem to let go] 
everything is competing to bloom at the same time - 
I have iris, and dogwood, and red-bud, and dianthus, and spring violets [wild] all in bloom!
and hostas, and tiger lilies, and peonies all peeking out of the ground [finally!]
And the trees! Oh my! My Number one allergy - and I'm feeling it [as in, can hardly breathe if I'm outside for even 5 minutes - ] but I still love seeing everything green with new life!
Oh! And despite the rabbits eating all the newly planted brussels sprouts, I still have a couple that were planted back in the winter that are about ready to eat - yay!
Been on the road again this week - not a great photo - 
but I've seen the Google Map car a couple of different times this month ...
Can you see the haze of pollen in the distance? 
- When driving south it looked like clouds of rain in the distance 
- only to be pollen when I got to it....
Love our back yard -- and am sooooo glad that we didn't lose any of the 40 + trees [yes, I've counted them!] during the recent [smaller] tornado that came through our neighborhood - and our neighborhood is fortunate in that only a couple of houses had trees on them - and no one was injured - always good news.
Drew went along on Craig's annual fishing trip this week-- 
This group has been getting together for 43 years! 
Craig's been a part for over 20.
And yesterday afternoon we finally got around to the Great Winter Clean-Up.
We usually try and do this in March before everything starts blooming out.
But its been too cold [and rainy] to get outside -
who am I kidding? 
It was cold and rainy yesterday - 
and cloudy with pollen...
but I covered up head to toe to get it done - ha...
And [as always] we had five loads like this one 
- its the joy of having a large yard with lots of {{OLD}} trees.
Now we can mow everything
[a task y'all know I love to do!].

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