Monday, April 1, 2013

Just a quick overview

of the past week --
I had training out of town all week - as the train-ER, not the train-EE. 
I'm the main policy trainer for our division in the state... 
And even though I could practically do it in my sleep 
[we offer week-long training sessions several times a year] - it still is a very draining experience... For one thing - I have to be 'on' and 'front stage' all week long - and then I also have to keep track of our training curriculum to be sure that we don't inadvertently skip over something due to questions or comments...
 I'm not a big shopper - but I stopped at my favorite thrift store on the way down and picked up six of these plates [I've never had real china - and don't feel the need for an entire set now] for my Easter table - then later in the week I got the table cloth at Khol's $7.99 - 30% thanks to sweet Alma S who was in front of me and offered her coupon to me [regularly $29.99]...
I have surprised myself - 
who would have EVER thought I'd love something with BLUE in it --
When I'm out of town for several days I try to bring along stuff to work on / play with 
[I'm not a big TV watcher either - lol] 
So it was fun to make these sweet Easter nests in the microwave - brought the cupcake liners, microwave bowl, spatula, and boxes with me - bought the chow mien noodles, butterscotch chips, and malted milk eggs when I picked up my frozen dinners for lunch...
And I always bring my sketch pad and water colors along too - this is definitely not original - - copied from an idea from pinterest - fun! 
[The one I copied had a TON more flowers on it --]
When I got home I was all about getting the house ready for our 
Easter time with the boys and their gals - 
Thankfully I'd already put a few Easter decor things out - how fun is this rabbit in the birdcage? 
[Rabbit from Tuesday Morning - Birdcage from Hobby Lobby 
- it was bright pink when I bought  it - white pedestal - I've had forever...]
It sets on the antique table we use as a sideboard - 
[original light house water color picked up at a thrift store in Tennessee - love it -]
And, I'd hung our Easter Wreath earlier in the month - love this little bunny - have had him for years and years - I'll take him out today and
the wreath will stay up through spring and part of summer ---
So all I had to do was get the table together - I thought the cloth and dishes would be too 'busy' together so I used it as a runner. We'd already pulled together cute little Easter baskets for everyone. [No one wants a LOT of candy - but everyone wants a little! - 
And some fun little toys too!]
And I needed to do the meal too - but I really do enjoy preparing a nice meal when I have the time - and that's the deal, isn't it?- Getting all the timing right so everything's DONE at the same time! We had ham, turkey breast, macaroni and cheese, smash potatoes, green bean casserole, sauteed brussel spouts, rolls, and deviled eggs. Yum. Oh, and of course Easter Cake. [It was pitiful looking this year - I baked the cakes last weekend and froze them... I think they shrunk... lol] But it was still delicious.
 And we had so much fun that I didn't take a single photo - well, I DID TAKE THIS ONE. After everyone had left I found this bunny parachute hanging from the ceiling fan - lol. I labeled it 
'The Afternath of Easter.' 
Hope y'all had a good weekend too!


Patty Williams said...

I adore that birdcage!

Glad you had a good Easter. I said to my family last night after everyone left (we had 30+people here) that we forgot to take the traditional family (kids) picture! Omgosh! That's a first in 10 years... :(

Jean said...

Love all your decorations! very pretty! That bunny is hysterical! I should find those for my 24 year old son. He would love them.

Gloria L. said...

Bad Easter for us - Hubby got called in to work and spent hours there. First Easter I've ever missed. Glad yours was happy! Don't work too hard!