Friday, March 8, 2013

Y'all know

I love {{LOVE}} being at the beach. I have no desire to live there, 
but oh, how I do love a nice relaxing visit.
It seems God’s majesty is just a little more apparent to me there 
– the vastness of the ocean waters kinda remind me of His unending love… 
and the repetitive waves 
[in and out – in and out – in and out] 
reminds me of His unfailing goodness…
His love and goodness are as enduring as the world He created. 
And He wants us to see {really SEE} 
His goodness in the world all around us –
[SIDE NOTE: These first two photos are actually from a dolphin cruise we took a few years back - I wanted to include some good ones since you'll just have to trust that there really were dolphins in the photos below... ha. 
I only had my cell phone camera this trip-]
I thought of this as I watched people walking along the beach – 
I’d run to the balcony when Craig called me
 to come see the dolphins in the water 
[I am BLESSED to have a sweet husband who 
enjoys seeing the magic in life as much as I do!]  
And, I think, most people would have to admit that there is something magical about seeing these graceful creatures swimming wild and free. 
But do we always stop and recognize these sweet moments 
as a little ‘gift’ from our Lord? 
I try to – but sometimes in the hurridness [I’m sure THAT’S not a word-] of life we miss the magic – and the opportunity to give praise to our Creator. 
We might be enjoying the GOOD THINGS in life 
[and I recognize those are God-given, for sure] 
but be missing the best – or – great – or – magical things. 
Much like these people who were walking – enjoying a nice winter morning in a beautiful place – yet so oblivious to THE MAGIC 
[the great things of life] RIGHT THERE beside them… 
or, almost worse, taking it for granted…
I know I‘ve been there – 
getting through the day just to start another one… 
and another one after that…
But you know what?  
Taking a moment to JUST BE  
[PRESENT, BE REAL, you know –] 
To maybe, look at all the Lord has given us in this great big world… 
I want to see the good [and not the bad,] 
I want to look for the magical moments God wants to share with us 
instead of dreading the bad that will inevitably happen. 
I don’t want to be hurrying down a path 
– even one on a beautiful beach – 
and miss the little blessings [and praise] along the way…
and celebrates them – and gives praise for them. 
Won't you join me in looking for the magical things 
God wants to share with us each day?


September Radecki said...

SO true..... be present, all the time and don't miss the gifts. I think that is one of my all time favorite books!

Gloria L. said...

You bet I will!

Rachel Rusticus said...

I so understand the JOY in taking in His creation! Uplifted by your post...ahh waves:) Reminds me of an old post of mine,

Suzi said...

I commented here the other day about my feelings of watching the sunset over the ocean. Reminds me Who is control. In the midst of some very trying family issues, He is now reminding me of the beauty in small things. I got so excited to see the first buds on the berry vines this week. To use a Fiskateer term, they are a beautiful WIP. Hopefully, I am, too!