Monday, March 25, 2013

March has been a very busy

travel month for me – had three days out of town again this week – whee. 
But it’s my job and I’m thankful I have one that I love.
 Speaking of things we love - we do love our Sushi! 
Who would have ever thought that would happen?!
I enjoyed two sweet friends’ retirement luncheons this week – 
yay for them! 
I wish them happy drama free days!
Went to the eye doctor on Monday afternoon – 
just to be sure all was okay. 
[I have a cRaZy eye history with this group of doctors – 
once had to have a speck of rust removed from my eye – 
who knows how THAT happened!
And another time an odd little ulcer appeared 
that needed to be ‘sanded’ off – weird, I know.] 
So anyway – all is well – it could be red for a couple more weeks – 
no infection or need for meds. Good news.
I bought some cracker jacks out of a machine at work – 
and I got a prize! 
Love the slick taste of those cracker jack peanuts… 
it’d been YEARS since I’d had any…
I finished up a few more projects around the house this weekend – 
straightened a few rooms up, worked on our little breakfast table and chairs 
[hope to share that with you later in the week -] 
baked our Easter Cake and cupcakes 
and stuck them in the freezer for next weekend,  
& scrubbed the kitchen floor for an hour and a half – 
I use the ‘ole swiffer on it regularly – 
but it needs a GOOD down on my knees scrubbing now and then.   
And I dread doing it because I can hardly move afterwards – 
but even in my discomfort I try to be thankful 
that I am still ABLE to do it. Ha.
And yes – I saw the Sunrise again this week - 
starting the day in Montgomery – 
gotta get a decent park spot, ya know – 
[This photo was actually taken around 7 a.m. 
My work day starts at 7:30...] 
We lost the easily accessible 
– as in two blocks away – 
parking lot a couple of months ago.   
Ah well, the exercise is good for me.
Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Gloria L. said...

Glad your eye does not require any more attention and that it is OK. Be careful! Have a great Easter!

Jean said...

Such a great photo of the sunrise!

Suzi said...

So glad your eye is better! It didn't look great when I saw it on your green pic on Fiskateers.