Monday, February 25, 2013

Do y'all remember

those rotary egg-beaters we used back in the day? Before emulsion blenders? I’d forgotten all about them, too, until the oldest and I were having a conversation about perfecting egg whites for meringue cookies, and pavlova, and well, meringue – lol… And I thought of the ones we used at my gr-mother’s house [and our Mom had one too -] So I tucked the idea of finding one in the back of my mind – nothing I had to have right away – but I did have specifications – it had to be useable – and clean [non-rusty]… 
Nothing I was looking for seriously – 
but I knew I’d KNOW IT when I found it. Ha.
And I love it – this little beauty has a mint green handle on the side [unlike the top handles from the ones of my childhood.] It needed a little tweaking to work smoothly… 
pavlova… here I come…
I caught up some art work this week [Have I shared I’m taking an on-line class that gives one assignment a week --- and I added to that a wonderful class from my friend Bernice that is giving us a prompt and technique EVERY DAY this month?]
One of the assignments was shaving cream art –
I made ALL THIS from one mixture. FUN. 
And the smell of shaving cream took me RIGHT BACK to church youth camp where we had SCHEDULED shaving cream [& water balloon] battles – are those out-lawed now?
I enjoyed catching up friends this week. Friends who are a TRUE gift in my life – I see some weekly at Bible Study, but also at lunches during the month...
And I met one at a local beauty school to have our hair done - y’all know I’m thrifty! Myu first time to have color put in with foil wrappers - and I love the way it turned out! [Please don't shoot me for posting this photo!!] and I met a couple of others for breakfast Saturday morning – love that we have a more relaxed schedule these days – AND that we’re all making the effort to be together – aaaaannnndddd that I really am making an effort to be a better friend - 
It's "crappie season" and Craig and his buddies are having a great time. They caught the limit more than once this week - and he's packaging it up in smaller packages so we can pull one out for a weeknight dinner - 
I'll try and remember to share some of the ways I prepare it.
Have a great week, y’all. 
I know I’m planning to!


Gloria L. said...

Well this was a fun, positive week! Hope the egg beater performs like you want it to. Fresh fish, yum!

Patty W said...

Having trouble leaving comments for some reason.

I have at least one of those beaters. I believe it has a red wood handle.. and it sits atop a glass bowl. I adore the older kitchen tools and collect them....errrr used to collect them ! We had our well tank that's inside the basement "explode" a few months ago and soaked all the boxes on the crawl space, so we had to go through them all and I was able to fondle all of my antiquey kitchen things. Sure wish I had room to put some of them out. I did donate a few things/give away.

Jean said...

What fun! LOVE those fish!