Monday, February 18, 2013

It was a dark and dreary week...

winter is HERE in the south, y'all.
 And I'm not complaining, because I know it's not going to last long.
I already have an iris blooming.
 [Over-achiever -]
I actually had one in this group break out in bloom in January, 
but with our spurts of 20* weather it didn't last long...
I had work duties in Montgomery this week and Craig went along [kind of jealous that he can work from ANYWHERE -] We had a fun little dinner with the youngest and his gal - 
Had to deliver THIS - it came in the mail a few weeks back. 
My baby's growing up - talking about going to the office, and projects, and grad school...
leaves me feeling happy and a little melancholy too...
but oh-so-happy for him!
On the way home we stopped in at a favorite dinner place
that is famous for these fabulous orange rolls...
[it's been AGES since we've been there -]
Always Delish.
And then it was time to take down the Mardi Gras wreath -- 
Due to our schedules we didn't do much to celebrate this year -
I think the Valentine Mantle will stay up until the end of the month.
Speaking of Valentine's -- 
I LOVE when my chocolate comes with a map 
[so much better than poking little holes in the bottom of each one - 
like my sister said I used to do when we were kids ---ha.]
 - and yes, the nails are still blue -  I'll resolve that later this afternoon.
Happy President's Day!

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Gloria L. said...

Happy President's Day! Have a nice holiday!