Monday, January 28, 2013

This week went by quickly -

Craig's been working diligently on his [new to him] boat 
so it will be ready for 'crappie season' - 
And was patient with me while I continued my addiction to NCIS - 
[and this may or may not have kept him from watching Duck Dynasty.]
We had dinner with the oldest and his gal 
- the Disney Wedding Planning is in full swing
[Speaking of that I have an art idea that is 
so stinkin' cute I can't wait to share!!]
Talked wit the youngest and he's adjusting to grad-school 
- it's a big change, since it's the first time 
he's really had to put any effort into his studies...
but we know he can do it!
 I was on the road at sunrise one day  - enjoyed a workshop out / town.
Got those [needed] CEUs - 
love the sunrise over the river - 
And it was nice to be on the learning side instead of the presenting side --
There's good news! The parking lot [work at work] has begun! 
Hoping the walk through YUCK will be over within the week - time will tell.
And lastly - Friday night we had our traditional 
guys to the camper show / girls night out / gather together for dinner night 
- we've been doing this for who knows how long -- way back to the pop-up days for us...
[Can you guess which one is mine?
The gals enjoyed a nice manicure [my nails were one hot mess!] 
and we had dinner at one of my favorite places - Hildegarde's - SO DELISH. 
Craig and I shared mushroom schnitzel and fried potatoes -
 we ordered an extra side of red cabbage. 
Good friends. Good food. Good times.
- And despite being covered in artsy paint most of the weekend 
my nails are still a BRILLIANT shade of blue. 
- I did it just for fun since I have no out / office obligations this coming week 
- but I think I'm beginning to really like  it....

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Gloria L. said...

Grad school - I hear ya! Jen started in January.