Monday, January 21, 2013

How can we be over half-way

through January already?!?
And what have I done this week? [Or most of the month? LOL] Well, I've watched a lot of NCIS -  - I've always liked to watch the occasional show when I came across it - but other shows took the little time I devoted to sitting in front of the TV so I've never really 'followed' it- but now I am addicted to this show - We're DVR-ing them and I'm watching as I can - randomly, and in no order - and I kind of like putting together the pieces of their lives this way... 
[and it's so much quicker with no commercials!]
We also enjoyed rain, rain, and more rain - and flooded streets this week.
[This is near the parking lot we're still using at work 
- three blocks from the office - 
since ours is STILL NOT COMPLETED.  - So fun in the rain
- especially for those of us who have had a parking garage for the last , 
oh 8 years or ...  and, yes, I know I'm whining...]  
After the rain we had some beautiful snow - so lovely falling down. 
And so wonderful that it didn't stick.
 But you know how well The South deals with snow...
so my office was closed one afternoon and part of the next morning [yay.]
I had time to work on a couple of little up-cycle projects -
 I'm loving white spray paint almost as much as NCIS - ha. 
I'll share more on those later...
Side note: My winter garden is growing well!
There are blooms on the broccoli - yum.
Oh, and the petunias in my hanging baskets 
- out in the weather - are still alive...
But I guess our biggest news is that the fan on our heat unit blew 
[died!, whatever you want to call it - it smelled like it burned up.] 
around midnight Friday night... 
and since the part cannot be ordered until today 
[and probably won't be installed until later in the week - ] 
we've been keeping warm with space heaters and TONS of quilts at night...
with the tiny dog underneath - she would freeze otherwise. 
But when I wake up to a COLD [COLD] house I just remind myself of how much 
colder the mornings were for my gr-parents back in the day --
We moved tables around this morning - we have an old [large] farm-style table
that we've had for, hmm... over 25 years now [and I love it still.] 
When we bought our new dining table a few years back I painted the farm table black and moved it to the kitchen - but, really, it's much too big for that little space...
 So today we moved it up to the playroom [the card table is going into the attic] and moved the little antique table into the kitchen. It's been out on the patio and needs some cleaning up a bit
- caution: real life photo  
complete with space heater - ha -
 but I think we're going to enjoy it there. 
We'll let it settle there a bit as we decide whether to paint it black or white 
[I'm leaning toward black with white trim.] 
The chairs will be white with burlap seats 
- found some wonderful burlap coffee bags that have print on them  - so fun!] 
Now, I'm off to use the old table upstairs to sort through some scrapbook pages... 
then I'll work on my art lesson for the week... 
and watch a couple more episodes of NCIS 
before we go TO THE MALL to eat our favorite Japanese fast-food. 
[That's how we roll.] 
Holidays are wonderful, aren't they?
And look what was waiting for us outside our door this morning --
I'll say it again - I love our Southern Winters.

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Gloria L. said...

We lost a heat pump in the summer - it's not fun! Hope it's on the road to recovery by now. Happy fake spring!