Monday, December 3, 2012

Wow! What a great weekend!
It started with lunch on Friday with a special group of friends 
I haven't seen in oh-so-long -
It was WONDERFUL to be together -
[should've got a photo!]
And we ate at one of my VERY FAVORITE places -
-Downtown on the square - DELISH.
[I didn't take this photo - it's off their facebook page -]
Then my sweet hubby took me away to see 
Sandy Patty and Jason Crabb's Christmas Music - 
 What a way to start the season!!
It was wonderful!
[Plus we had dinner at our all-time- favorite place to eat - 
Top of the River - - SUPER DELISH!!!]
Saturday morning we headed up to Tennessee to get our glider.
Oh my!
We've been waiting for months to pick it up! 
This pattern [wedding ring] is extremely hard to find [apparently it rusts away easier due to the intricacy in the pattern] so we grabbed it up as soon as we saw it on Craig's List a couple of years ago- and we knew it would be beautiful once re-stored -
But had no idea how lovely it would really be. 
Merry Christmas to me.
We had Christmas  music at church Sunday morning 
- so wonderful!
And I started getting the decorations out in the afternoon - 
it kind of looks like Santa sneezed all over our house.
But, I MUST get it completed early this week!
A great big thank you to my sweetie who added to our mantle so I have more room for my 'stuff'!
I'll be sure and share photos soon!
I picked up my needles again a couple of weeks ago and almost have a Christmas stocking complete. Each one gets a little easier... I just have to 'trust the pattern' when I get to the heel...
It always seems CrAzY to me - lol
I also have to share [have I already?] 
that Craig and I have made 'eating well' a way of life - SO NICE.
I'm at a weight I haven't been at in over TEN years...
And honestly? I'd reached a place in my mind where 
I thought that weight would never happen again -- 
Do I need to lose more? - Absolutely - but slow and steady baby...
 and I still eat things I love - 
Like these sweet potato pancakes and cranberry butter - yum. 
[Portion is the key -]
I'm below a BIG MARK and if I can maintain that throughout this month -
 then I'll continue to be a happy girl...
Oh - I issued a challenge on FaceBook - if you use Pinterest then go to your Christmas Board and choose FOUR projects to complete and then do one each week.
If you do, please be sure and share here with me! 
To hold myself accountable - I'll be sharing one each week...
But first, I've got to narrow it down to just four - lol...


Jean said...

Those looks delicious!!!

Gloria L. said...

So proud of you and hubby!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I always love reading about your "simple life!" How many gliders are you up to now? I really do like this one!