Friday, December 21, 2012

Pinterest Projects 3 - 4- & - 5

Let me be clear - these are all inspired by projects I saw on Pinterest
- I'm pretty sure they are pinned to my "To Celebrate - Christmas [winter]" Board 
if you want to see the originals. 
I don't have the links here.
And honestly? I don't think I ever followed them - 
instead, just looked at the photos and did my own thing -
INSPIRED by others' work. 
# 3 - the printer's tray with tiny ornaments in it - 
[I need to get a better photo - check back, I'm out of town as I type this - 
will try and get it on before the weekend -]
I've had the printer's tray tucked behind a chair for years now - so, again, easy - peasy - hung it on the wall and  put some of our tiny ornaments inside. 
No cost... well, I did buy a couple of sprigs of greenery for the top...
[The printer's tray is from a neighbor's trash. Seriously.]
 #4 - old frame with star hanging inside
[inspired by Margie's sparky goodness.]
Again, I'll do my best to get a better photo - 
I picked up the frame at an estate sale back in the summer & painted it white - it's falling apart, literally - I'll need to find another one... The metal star came from Old Time Pottery [$2] and I covered it in book paper then tied it to the frame with twine.
Additional decor on the sideboard: gold wire trees from Old Time Pottery, old silver trays from the attic, [part of my] nativity scene that a cousin made for me, and a framed piece of wall paper with a vinyl cling on top...
My favorite new thing is the wooden Christmas Tree.
I'm pretty sure the ones I've seen on Pinterest are made out of old pallets... and we discussed going that way - but ended up stopping by The Re-Store where we found a shopping cart full of old floor slats - for ten bucks! So we went for it!
My handy-man aka sweetie put them all together for me [we ended up making three.]
We layed out the slats on one of the longer ones and he tacked them in with two screws each - 
Then we used another floor board as a guide to saw off the edges in an angle.
Again - easy-peasy.
 It took us about an hour to make all three..
I think the [intentionally] not so straight ones are my favorites...
But they were too tall for the area on the sideboard...
[Side note: the snowman is made from an old fence post - 
my sweetie made it for me over 20 years ago - love it still.]
 I wanted that 'weathered'  look so I mod-podged some green patterned paper down on each branch [different papers on each one -] then smeared some white paint over the it, and added a a few smears of different greens as well...
Smear = use your hands,  not a brush - lol.
Finishing touch [as seen on pinterest] - the big globe patio lights that, again, we just happened to have tucked away in the attic [picked up on mega-sale with the possibility of using on the patio or with the camper --] 
I'm sure this little tree will move from place to place during the next few years...

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