Monday, November 5, 2012

And so it begins...

Our new office building was built directly behind the old one; so now they have to tear it down and the parking lot will be built there. Until then we're walking three or four blocks from our current parking area [a HUGE difference for those of us who have had just a short walk from a parking garage in the past - lol] 
So I was VERY happy to see this on Thursday morning - 
and am hoping it will be completely gone soon!
 As much as I love Halloween  there's not much celebrating at our house due to living in an older neighborhood and having big yards... so we enjoyed dinner with the oldest and his gal and came back to an evening of TV [oh how I **LOVE** Modern Family!!]
I love the fall colors in our area too!
And the smell of the earth getting ready to slumber through winter!
During the weekend my friend Amanda and I had the opportunity to attend 
a 'no frill' scrapbook event in beautiful Mentone Alabama.
It was one of the most relaxing crafting retreats I've been to in a long while - 
I think partially because of the feel [and smell] of 'fall' in the air!
[The one drawback -- we had to drive a mile down the road to get phone service --
 and y'all know how I love driving on country roads at night - ha.]
But the scenery all around us? GORGEOUS!.
I love being out and about enjoying God's great creation in the fall.
It's  my absolute favorite time of year!
So I encourage you to get out and enjoy it too!
And the October OMGiveawy winner is:
Holly Mira of PA 
Holly - your box is on its way! 


Gloria L. said...

Missed Mentone (had surgery instead)! Sounds like it was fun - maybe next year.

Amy Jones #8546 said...

Wow...Looks like a big mess, Im sure you will be happy when it is gone. Love your photos of the fall colors. This is the best time of the year..