Monday, October 15, 2012

Soooo... it's been a cRaZy [but nice]

week... I only worked one day... Monday was a holiday. And then I was up again for a little
 sunrise travel as I went over to be with my Mom while she had 
the first of her cataract surgeries. 
And, wow. It was SO AWESOME to watch her as she could see so much better than ever!! 
It was good to have a couple of days with her and 
so nice to see two of my sweet aunts and a cousin too.
So, my flower child friends, what are these exactly?
We got one or two last summer and they've multiplied x 10 already... don't bloom until the fall. 
I think I'll be moving them next to the fence next summer. 
Love seeing a bit of color late in the season... although, I still have a few zinnias blooming.
 After time w/ mom, I had a night at home, and then I headed over our cloudy little mountains to  retreat with friends and craft together. So. Fun. And, I stayed both nights - something I don't usually do because I *need* my Sundays at home to relax before my busy work week... 
- And it's a BUSY one coming up -  I was home before lunch...
And drove up the driveway to find THIS. 
[Yes, I realize my eyes are closed]
Am not sure I've shared,
[but you know we sold our camper back in July... and] 
we've spent the last month or so looking at various truck campers and mini-winnies. 
Since we've only camped ONCE in the last 4-5 years [and that was last week in tents - ha,] 
we definitely didn't want to put a lot of money into a camper... 
So, Craig, shopper extraordinaire, found THIS 
for [much] less than a third of the ones we've been looking at... 
and definitely less than what we got for the camper we sold... 
He's just good that way.
Now, to plan another camping weekend...


Gloria L. said...

Nice camper! Great news about your mom! Good week all around!

Jean said...

That is one cool camper!