Monday, October 1, 2012

I was 'on-the-go'

this week, first with our office move on Monday and Tuesday [I think the other floors may still be moving in...] and then travel the next three days... whew. 
I was ready for the weekend.
I'm happy to report that I have everything tucked  away in its place in my little office - I'll take some photos this week. And, it is SO NICE to have all my office STUFF out of my living room and back where it belongs! [Much thanks to Craig who helped {me sneak it all in}!!]
 After THE MOVE I was on the road before sunrise for a couple of days. I seriously do love getting out and about early in the day - but it wears me out now that I'm getting older... ha.
I've unofficially joined a book club  - lol - 
an on-line friend has been generous enough to share her bookclub list for the year with me. 
I think we have similar beliefs and she's a former English teacher so I trust the choices 
and look forward to expanding my own reading list - 
And I've already devoured the book for October -  
Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay - Very interesting... check it out.
One of my new favorite places to eat is Zoe's Kitchen - it fits into our healthy eating plan and I love that some of their art is custom made for our city - cool. 
[We get the chicken kabob with rice and greek salad - yum.]
 And lastly, here's a report on the gel nails [otherwise known as shellack nails.] This picture was taken at three weeks. You can clearly see the growth of the nail bed - 
and some chips, and one entire nail without polish. 
I broke one nail during THE MOVE and the polish started peeling off - so NOT FUN. 
[I hated the way it felt and can't imagine having them all peel off like some of my friends reported. Ouch.]
And it was quite the ordeal to get it off - lots of soaking, scrubbing, and scraping. 
[I have no desire to it at home.] I didn't have it put back on. 
Final verdict: It  looked GREAT for a couple of weeks and I'd consider it again for vacation, etc. But for every-day manicures? I'll stick to regular polish. 
I can't imagine it would be good for your nails to have this on them constantly...
But I'm obviously not a manicurist, so what do I know?
Oh, and wanted to let you know that I was late posting last week - so scroll on down, there's a couple of new posts up for your enjoyment...
And the OMGiveaway winner is :
 Tiff Kraft of CA 
Your box will be in the mail this week!

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Glad to hear that things are settling down!