Monday, October 22, 2012

I do this to myself, you know...

 I make my own schedule - for the most part - and somehow ended up with THREE sunrise travel days this past week. And while I love seeing the sun peek it's head over the sleepy world, I have to admit I'm not as young as I used to be so it's kind of wearing me out ---
Still, I want to give the staff I'm working with as much time as possible, 
so getting there early helps me give them a full day - 
... and then I have the two hour drive home -
So, that said, - it was another busy week.
I mentioned that I love thrifting and my latest obsession [one I haven't had since the milk bottle craze -- for me -- of the 80's] is milk glass - it started when we were helping mom clear out the house and I found a large MG vase which got me thinking about where on earth the big MG bowl that mom always had flower arrangements in might be - and the MG flower frog... etc. 
So since then I've been picking up pieces here and there - found a bowl, and a couple of sherbet dishes ... and then Craig found MG heaven this past week:
 -- All of this for less than $10 = LOVE. lol.
Well, I did my own thrifting at a favorite store [in Alabaster] late one afternoon] and found a piece of my other obsession -- I loooooooove this green daisy covered correlle pattern from the 70s... and I've mentioned before how hard it is to find - well - wa-laaa I found the LARGE casserole to match my medium sized one. LOVE. They also had a 9x13 baking dish - but it was a little worn and faded so I didn't pick it up [I do have some discernment when it comes to my obsessions - ha.]
 I also had a moment to stop at my favorite 5 and dime store [really, the only one I know that still exists] and picked up a few of these square frames for a buck each -
 I had time to paint them a nice coat of white this past weekend 
and now they're ready for all kinds of fun things. 
[I have a mantle re-do in my mind that will allow them to set there --
 with the MG -- with family photos...]
 Craig and I had a busy stay-at-home weekend - he cleaned in his building, and surrounding areas in preparation for a nice concrete pad he will have poured this week - it will extend our parking area and be ever-so-much bettter to not have to deal with mud, etc --
And I took the time to sort the closet clean-out leftovers [now that the boys have gone through it]  into trash and donate piles - it's nice to have the areas -- where that clutter was -- usable again! I also unpacked my crafty stuff from last weekend and took a moment to paint a bit more on those white pumpkins... I cleaned a bit in the camper, moved the peonies [and tiger lilies] to a sunnier spot, cleaned up the garden for fall planting - I'm still harvesting the occasional green pepper, egg plant and tomato - put preen out in the flower beds.
I also changed winter and summer clothes out in my closets [and have a big donate pile from that too] and I caught up on some blog posts 
and reorganized my calendar so I can better know what's up coming in my life.
We got up around 4 a.m. yesterday morning to sit out in our back yard and watch the meteor show [bundled up in quilts on our favorite outdoor recliners]
- I'm blessed to have a husband who enjoys taking the time for magic as much as I do! 
We saw quite a few streak across the sky before calling it done 
and heading to Krispy Kreme for a couple of hot donuts - yum.
 - One thing we've learned on this quest for a healthier lifestyle is that a little dab will do you -
One melt-in-your-mouth hot doughnut  is more than enought to satisfy -
And lastly - we've decided that we do , in fact, have another cat... a neighbor mentioned this orange cat living at  our house a few weeks [months -?] back and we see it a little more each week - I'm sure it's a tabby but it looks almost stripe-less - so I've named it Marmalade. - Hoping we can tame it eventually, since it obviously lives and eats here -lol.
And lastly - lastly - stop back by on the weekend to 
hop along with my favorite orange lovers as I participate in the:
See you then!


Gloria L. said...

Oh my goodness, you've been so busy this week! Just think forward to retirement....

marla said...

I love thrift shopping and what fun goodies you can find.