Monday, October 29, 2012

Dressing up as a witch

has always been my FAVORITE Halloween costume [except for that one year I configured my own version of what The Great Pumpkin looked like - lol] - 
[My friend, SaraLou and me 'dressed' as witches - we used to get butcher paper from our local store, hang it on a wall,  and 
draw elaborate Halloween scenes in the weeks leading up to the holiday -]
So I'm loving the adult witches' hats I'm seeing these days ... 
and LET ME BE CLEAR - for me, Halloween is ALL ABOUT THE FUN - believe me, 
I KNOW THE SPIRITUAL BATTLE that rages all around us - 
have been deeply in its midst in days past - so, I KNOW
and for me, Halloween is nothing more than a 'dress-up' day - the witches in 'my world' don't have evil powers any more than fairies can fly - or that little ALF is  an alien - lol... 
it's all pretend... so I have a little fun these days leading up to a kids' holiday -
This is the first time in  A WHILE that we've had trick-or-treaters - 
and we had to go to a campground to accomplish that - ha - 
I've had a good week - traveled a bit for work at the last minute - used some of my comp-time to have a scrappy time with friends - and then ended with a breezy camping trip with the hubs.
I love fall!! - But I've said that at least once already, haven't I? Ha.
Have a great week, y'all!

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Gloria L. said...

I have a TERRIBLE time with Halloween, always have, always will. Can not justify any kind of celebration with the spiritual aspect. So, keep it happy!