Thursday, August 23, 2012

What does Junkin'

mean to you? Trade Days? Flea Markets? Bazaars? Thrift Stores? Antique Malls? Vintage Markets? Yard Sales? And shall I throw in the term International Market? Since I needed to be in Montgomery Monday night for an early Tuesday meeting we decided to take the back roads to Atlanta and down through AUburn [got a youngin' there, ya know - ] before landing in the capitol city... the plan was to do some serious junkin' throughout the weekend as we celebrated our TWENTY-NINTH wedding anniversary.
We started the weekend in Collinsville - 
it has been years since we enjoyed their Trade Days - acres of  rows of rambling shacks filled with all kinds of goodies... and chickens... and dogs... and other farm critters. We did purchase one little AU braided necklace. Cute. 
 From there we headed toward Centre and stopped at that antique shop with all those beautiful vintage gliders out front [Hwy 68] -We saw a couple of patterns we're unfamiliar with -
And  if you're looking for vintage signs - THIS is the place for you. I bought an old stamp holder - was told it was used in a bank - it came with three and I plan to put some of my most used stamps on holders to hang nearby, ready-to-use.
 then we headed toward Atlanta, via Rome, and a couple of other small towns. I shopped at Archivers [fun!!] and had dinner at Craig's all-time favorite place - Papadeux. It's Cajun hot so I usually go for the greek salad and [delicious] cheese grits - oh my!
From there, we searched out FLEA MARKETS - and time-after-time we ended up at what we've decided to call International Markets - they were buildings full of booths / stalls of cheap [new] products, as well as food venders, hair cutting stations, and vegetable ares with veggies neither of us recognized -- and, yes, animals -
not the old american junk we were looking for - lol. We did buy a little bonsai tree there.
After a few of these I declared - ENOUGH - we must go see the Danes - so we headed to IKEA. We sat and measured, and sat and measured, sofa, after sofa [we're almost past time to replace the den furniture] - got a beautiful baking dish,
 a couple of lazy susans, a few dishcloths, that lovely little laptop case shown above [so fun!] and a tiny moose - oh, and cinnamon rolls, OF COURSE.
From there we headed toward Auburn on Hwy 29. Stopping along the way for a little dip-cone treat -
[The better photo is on facebook - lol]
Love seeing small towns and communities along the way...and in a little place called Hogansville, GA we found what we didn't know we'd been looking for - lol.

Somewhere in there is a enamel top table** and four chairs. [In our defense, I must note that Craig and I have been looking at these tables for years now and we've never had a pattern / color jump out and say 'buy me' quite like this one.- and it was a MUCH better deal than the VW bus I was tempted to pick up just a few miles before we got to Hogansville.] 
Here it is on our patio -
And the close-up of the pattern - 
Y'all know we embrace our quirkiness - and I LOVE those little angry squirrels on there! Kind of fitting for our place where we have squirrels that show their anger by throwing nuts at us -
I plan to paint the chairs white and add burlap cushions with a printed canvas stripe... the table will be re-painted yellow to match the glider we're having painted right now 
[the John Deere colors MUST go!]
Notice - it pulls out to make a square - LOVE IT.
We went through Auburn and saw Matt's new apartment - very roomy - and Stephanie's [much cleaner - ha] - Had dinner and catch up time with them - always good. And from there we went on to Montgomery where we stayed at the Renaissance [yay state-employee rates!] and Craig worked in the room while I was in my meetings... I'm still a little jealous that he can work off-site like that...
All-in-all -- a very good weekend - 

** info about the table that Craig found on-line: This Table is a Ugo Mochi design that was produced by The Enamel Products Company likely made in 1935 through 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio The pattern is Squirrel # 1111 black on white enamel. Ugo Mochi art is on display in the Royal Palace. And more here -
 And yes, I know this little portion of Monday Musings is more than late - but it's been a fun and busy week - more of that later!


okienurse said...

I envy your junking trips and wish we had something worth looking at around here. There is not too many flea markets or sales on a routine basis unless you go east of Tulsa. Love that table! My grandparents used to have one that was under a window in the kitchen that all the little kids sat around for meals. It was red/white/black with a diamond pattern on top. BTW IKEA is that from MIL years ago. Husband's family are all Swedes! Love seeing your road trips. Keep them coming. vickie

Gloria L. said...

You had a wonderful trip! How you ever got that table and chairs in that space is a miracle in itself!