Friday, August 17, 2012

I wanted to share a bit more

about the art case  I up-cycled [trying to use all the new words in the thrifting world – ha] from the little case I bought on the 127 Yard Sale . I’d first seen these on Donna Downey’s blog but couldn’t find a photo to share so I gave you an idea of what I might do here and here.
This is the case I bought and used: 
I saw this one at Hobby Lobby 
and while it’s a bit bigger, I do think it would make an excellent art case.
Here’s a photo of mine now – LOVE. IT.
 What I did – [sorry, I didn’t take photos along the way to the finished product --] 
I cut chip board [really, I used the backs of old note pads from work; yes, I save them,] into dividers for the bottom to make compartments for my water color crayons, pens, and water color pencils. 
 I taped these together and covered it in an old map 
[or a new one, I can’t remember since we get new ones every time we get a new governor.] 
 I also cut a piece of chip board to make a ‘shelf’ that goes over the divided area 
and gives a spot for my notebook[s] to set. 
This piece was also covered in the map [front and back] – 
I’ve since cut a half circle on one edge so 
I can easily lift it up to get to the supplies underneath.
 And lastly, I cut a piece of chip board to fit the lid 
[I wanted to preserve the original lining if I could.] 
I also covered the front of this piece in the map 
and then marked on the back where I wanted to put the elastic through. 
- I put the supplies down opposite of how I wanted them to be and marked with a pencil –
then pushed a hole through with the teeny tips of my scissors – 
it needed to be big enough for the elastic to be pushed through.
I pulled the elastic through and tied it off in the back. 
 Then I just placed it in the lid – 
but I soon found that my brushes and ink pad were heavy enough 
to pull this piece out each time I opened it 
so I ended up securing the corners with BIG glue dots 
[that might comprise the integrity of the original lining – 
but hey, I want this to be user- friendly.] 
 Can I just say again how much I love having all my art journal supplies 
in one easy to travel case? 
I. LOVE. IT. - lol


Linh C. said...

super idea! I have a small briefcase toy that was a Spy Kit my daughters used to play with. It's sturdy cardboard with latches so I'm thinking of changing it into a case to store my ink pads.

Gloria L. said...

This is really cool!

Jean said...

Love this! It looks gorgeous!

GCgirl said...

This is fabulous! I will be on the lookout for a case I can alter too :0)!