Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heritage Heirlooms -

Paw Paw’s Clock --

[photo taken from an angle to avoid the glare]
This clock was given to Craig after his grandfather passed away. It was made the same year that Paw Paw was born - How neat is that? We hope our boys will be able to pass it down to Hardwick boys of their own one day…
[turtle is from a trip to the Bahama's - no heirloom there -]
Side note: the slate next to it was my mother's granddaddy's that he used in school and the little ceramic dogs? They were part of my grandmother's collection that she would buy at Turner's Store [corner of Woodward and 2nd Street] when she went to town... How many of you bought 'penny' candy there back in the day? - I've always loved paper products so those teeny-tiny little paper bags were my reason for buying the candy many times...

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