Monday, July 9, 2012

Have I told you

that we heard coyotes in our yard Tuesday night? So scarey. Sounded like wolves. [And it's still astounding to me that {while the yards in our neighborhood are an acre or so} we have wildlife such as this RIGHT HERE IN THE CITY. 
So glad we put up the small fenced area for EmmaLou.
[Relaxing in the studio {all 3.5 pounds of her} while I play with Art -]
Wednesday we spent the day cleaning out the camper - we've been discussing the possibility of selling it for a while now - and someone stopped and asked if it was for sale - waa laaa -
it will be gone soon. 
And I'm not sad about it. OMGoodness we had good times on our monthly camping trips with our boys through the years - but as we've gotten older, Craig and I have found that we enjoy relaxing in a hotel quite a bit ... Still, we're not saying we'll never camp again.... 
[view from my parking garage-]
So we had a no fireworks kind of day -  went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner - had a $10 coupon. But couldn't eat much - been having some BIG stomach issues... happy to report things got better as the week went on... 
[house book - that's pieces my kitchen decor on top]
 Pulled out my [original] smash book for our house - had one for the other house too - just a collection of ideas, hopes, dreams for each room / area -- and I found the paint cards I've been considering for painting the downstairs area -
[Who knew there were so many shades of olive green?!]
 Contemplating painting soon - but am thinking I may need to save a bit and just pay someone to do it - as much as I enjoy painting [truly] I can't help thinking that professionals could get done in a day what would take me a week - so, we'll see...
Picked some cukes from the garden so I tried a good friend's pickle recipe - yum.
And I spent the weekend washing all the bed linens from the camper and cleaning out closets - have re-organized the pantry and the linen / school supply closet. Kind of sad to see all those school supplies go to the donate pile [y'all know HOW I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!!] but I'm glad to say there's now plenty of room for the eight quilts and towels that needed a home.
[Closet in my studio - you can see a glimpse of paint to the left --]
Next, I was on to swap the closets in the studio and play room. This also involved moving desks from place to place so I can re-purpose one to have some shelving in the studio. Had to take a break - but I'll share the newly organized craftiness next week when it's complete.
All this, while this one enjoyed a [well-deserved] weekend of fishing with his buddies. 
Have a great week everyone!

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Gloria L. said...

Busy week for you! The storms here Thursday night knocked down four of our big oaks - one fell on the power line and we were responsible for a night of no air conditioning! All was fixed early Friday morning and at least there was no damage to the house...