Monday, June 4, 2012

So, today was one of our

not so well known state-holidays. Given to us in lieu of pay raises through the years... and I woke up with a sinus headache - one of those where you feel like a bubble-head and can't turn your head toward the light...[and no it wasn't a migraine, or I wouldn't be typing this now - lol. I've only had a few of those in my lifetime and can safely say they knock me for a LOOP.] 
Just keeping it real - 
so to share a little of my life before we head out for $1 Sushi night with the oldest and his gal --
Here's a little onion shot I took while stopped at a gas station last week - 
love the lovely purple color...
 Remember back at the first of the year when everyone was 'rushing' to sign up for handmade gifts from their facebook friends? Well.... mine just might be on their way soon - yippee! 
[I'll share photos again when they are completely finished -]
Woke this morning to find that my bottle tree had been blown over during our night-time storms 
- breaking three green [sprite] bottles and one of my blue glass insulators -  
Lucky for me I had my trusty bedpan from the 50's [40's -?] handy to pick up the debris 
[this came from my mom's house, how long has she had this?!] 
When did we become a disposable society? Sometime in the sixties?  How many of you [or more likely, your mothers] have stacks of those little disposable wash pan kits that you get when hospitalized? Well, NOT US [anymore - lol]. 
But I had to keep this enamel one -
Here's another little art project I've worked on this week - inspired by an article in Better Homes & Gardens and all those wipe off lists I've seen on the web these last couple of years -  it's our sand-bucket list for summer - things like a sunset boat ride, make homemade ice cream sandwiches, go to an outdoor movie night or concert in the park, etc.- A fun way to remind us to not let the summer slip away - All products are Bo-Bunny with an upcycled frame [i painted white] from a thrift store - Can mark off each item on the glass and wipe off to use again next summer. Fun.
Speaking of which - get out there! Enjoy this gorgeous weather we're having! 
[photo enhanced with pic monkey -]

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