Monday, June 18, 2012

So... I'm a little late this Monday afternoon --

We’ve had a good week – having the youngest home was soooo nice, and we enjoyed seeing all his photos from China . 
The AU Group in a Sports Event they participated in --
Funny that some of the research photos were, admittedly, a little boring to me, yet the two boys had in-depth discussion of all the engineering aspects of it. – 
Now THAT’S a foreign language to me – lol. 
He LOVED China, and hopes to return some day. 
What a great opportunity to actually be a part of ‘every-day’ life in a 
culture so completely different than ours…
Family time is the best, isn’t it?  
[Old photo, still a favorite and the fence has now been painted BROWN, somehow not the same fabulous photo –op it once was, still, 
I’ve found a GREEN wall behind a church nearby...]
I may need to apologize to the squirrel population in my yard after finding THIS 
in my fully-enclosed tomato sanctuary. 
There is no way a squirrel got in to do this. 
So it’s time to bring out the big gun [SEVEN DUST] 
to fight the varmits that want the fruits of my labor as much as I do.
We had a great day today – celebrating our mom’s 78th birthday 
with a fun lunch at Rosie’s 
and an ice cream ‘picnic in the shade,’ as MK called it, outside of Trowbridges, 
the icon of ice cream in Florence .
I think the ice cream was REALLY cold to her -
 Mama has loved their peach ice cream for as long as I can remember, 
so it was a fun treat. 
 And yum - had bruschetta for dinner tonight - yay summer!
Have a great week everyone!

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