Friday, June 8, 2012

Should I just jump in and say it?

I’m going to miss Desperate Housewives. There. It. Is. 
 But it’s the truth – while I’ll miss House, and Grey’s Anatomy, and Amazing Race [for a time] – I’m really, really, going to miss those gals on Wisteria Lane with all their over-the-top coping skills. I mean, seriously, how many of us would really run someone over with a car just to keep them quiet about some secret we don’t want out? But how many of us might fantasize about the possibility? Ha. 
That’s the joy of television – it gives us permission to hate a little, to wish dreadful things on others, and be happy when they ‘get what they deserve.’ Things [I hope] we don’t actually wish on others in our daily lives – It’s a fantasy. A step away from reality.
 But there was a lot of truth in Desperate Housewives as well. There’s truth in the fact that so many of us go through our lives with a mask on – hiding our true selves – and giving others a ‘picture’ of us based on what we think the world wants… whatever your ‘world’ might be – whether an artist, a good Christian, steam punk, goth, geek or any other group you hang with – so many of us put on that mask to fit in with the group we hang with.  To the world, the Desperate Housewives appeared to have it all together, whether as cookbook or children’s book writers / illustrators, account executives, model turned housewife, etc. –
– They appeared to have ‘it’ – their lives, all together. But we all know that that’s a fantasy – none of us have it all together. And so many of us go it alone – without people in our lives with whom we can really – truly share ourselves.
That’s the REAL story behind Desperate Housewives –
– that these gals found each other and shared so openly and freely together.  
They took the masks off. Despite all the hoopla they may have gotten themselves into, the real story is that they had girlfriends who were true friends
One of the earliest shows was about Lynette feeling so overwhelmed with child-rearing that she begin using some over the counter meds, and kept on until it was a BIG problem – she was crying on the playground [the way I remember it – lol] when the others found her and said something like, “Why didn’t you tell us? We would’ve been here for you.” 
And from that point on – they were. 
But it’s hard to tell our secrets, our failures; 
it’s hard to take the mask off, isn’t it? 
So, as I watched the last episode, I realized how blessed I am in my life to have friends like this [and no, I’m not implying we’re going to go bury a body together – lol. But I do have friends I could discuss the possibility with, if needed, and I know they’d talk some sense into my head...] 
Those of you who know me well, know that I live a pretty ‘be-true-to-yourself’ kind of life – I don’t hide much and I’m not afraid to speak my mind [at the same time, I don’t expect everyone to share my opinions of things -] but we all have things going on in our lives that we don’t want broadcast to the world. 
I’ve realized that I am so very fortunate to have girlfriends with whom I know I can share most everything – truthfully, painfully sometimes, and always without judgment. 
So, crazy as it sounds, God spoke to me 
during this last episode of the Desperate Housewives
 – my true friends - they are a gift from God.  
No doubt. 
And just like the Desperate Housewives, we may not speak daily [or even monthly] but we’ll always be there for each other. Always. In triumphs and trials. –I know I can call on my friends when I need them. 
I remember long ago, being newly married and living in a place far from home, being with a group of older women on a mission trip and this topic came up somehow. The specifics are vague [age will do that to you – ha,] but I remember very clearly sharing with them that I didn’t have a close girlfriend and them gathering around me and asking The Lord to send me that friend – a girlfriend that I could share with openly without judgment. 
And He did, and has continued to as we’ve made moves 
and traveled this journey called life. 
So today, I pray that prayer for you, the ones reading this – who ever you might be – 
I’m asking the Lord to put girlfriends into your life. 
May He give you friends you can share openly, unreservedly, and painfully honestly with. We are made for relationship. 
And I ask God to bless you all in this way.
And some of you may have noticed that on that last episode our dear sweet Karen 
[Kathryn Joosten] was visibly sick... well, she passed away on Saturday - 
join me in lifting her family up in this time of grief, won't you?


Craig said...

2.00 am. While I fully agree and am thankful for our great friends. Some of whim we don't share. It's usual.

Gloria L. said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Just a Simple Gal - Judy in Huntsville - AL said...

Translation for the first post:
"Two AM!!! While I fully agree and am thankful for our great friends, some of whom we don't share - [TWO AM] is [an] unusual [time for you to post.]
- it's was pre-planned sweetie! You know i'm a cinderella and rarely stay awake that late...

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

I too will miss Desperate Housewives. So sad to hear that Kathryn has left us.