Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday!

Here's the scoop: oldest and his gal are with friends on a Disney Cruise [skirting around Debby. I'm assuming] and I'm hoping they're having a great time! Youngest has agreed to work with a 'start-up' company in the Auburn area and is seriously considering graduate school - it would be good timing for him, I think, since his gal doesn't graduate for a couple more years. Pray for them [and their gals] to feel the Lord's leading...
We've had a good week  -I've started a new on-line class - stitching a little happy sampler - so fun! And Craig has spent every available moment working on his new [to him] boat - and it's looking GOOD. He put it in the water yesterday and is very happy with it. And it looks great! [It's had a total re-furb since he bought it -]
We enjoyed walking around downtown for the Arts Stroll and Greene Street Farmer's Market where we bought sausage from a favorite vendor [seriously, so lean we have to spray the pan to cook it -] We picked up some cheese wafers and 'gourmet' popsicle too - cantaloupe popsicle, anyone?
 We also had more than one discussion with our neighbors to the east of us who are putting up a fence... discussions that resulted in us putting out a line, and then red paint, across our property line [we're the only ones who have had a survey done -] They eventually [after cutting down a favorite shrub on our property, and moving posts off our property two different times] put their fence two feet over on their property line-  a a good move, I think, since they obviously didn't want to pay for a survey... and their fence looks good. We bought a pink weigelia to plant in front of it. Ha. I haven't had one of those since we moved here. LOVED the one at our 'old' house.
Saw a little fledgling robin in the back yard this weekend - so precious and vulnerable. Could only fly a few inches at a time. Mama was on watch and dive-bombed me a couple of times while I was taking photos..
So we gave THIS ONE canned food [a treat!] in an effort to keep in the front yard. He may look laid-back and beautiful - but he really is quite the hunter; seriously, brings home a bird, rabbit, or [my favorite] a chipmunk at least once a day.
Enjoyed bacon and tomato sandwiches with fresh tomatoes - yum! But I have to say TAKE A PASS on the bacon sundae at Burger King - am not sure what possessed me to buy it - YUCK.
And we had a great dinner with good friends Friday and ended up visiting together at Yogurt Mountain the rest of the evening... almost as good as sitting around a campfire... almost.


Barbara said...

I'm guessing the surprise you are hoping for isn't a pair of Mickey Mouse ears ?!?!?

Gloria L. said...

Your cat looks like he is as adventurous as ours!