Monday, May 28, 2012

So, we feel like THIS

is good news for us --
The neighbors across the street are demo-ing much of their existing house and re-building. It's the 2nd [3rd -?]  one done on our street - and for sure, the most extensive one. It will surely help our property values to stay where we want them [or rise!]
Drew - 25 years old - still enjoying the balloons
So, what do y'all traditionally do to welcome summer on Memorial Day weekend? We've enjoyed the Jubilee Hot Air Balloon festival over in Decatur for over twenty years now [Drew was two the first year we went!] For many years [through elementary and middle school] we camped during the week before memorial Day, sometimes driving back / forth for school and work, but mostly hanging out and enjoying the festival. And back then there were so many more activities during the day - flying doves, rocket launches, remote control planes, sheep herding dogs, miniature ponies, even Pokemon tournaments! 
Fun! That, along with a three-day pass to the wave pool, and riding bikes on the trails along the river, always made for a great little get-a-way. but we love the balloons best, so even when our lives got busy with sports [SOCCER] we'd often find ourselves driving back from a tournament early so we could catch at least one flight during the weekend.
And, even now, when we haven't camped [anywhere!] in over two years, we still make the time to get up early [five a.m., anyone?] and head over to enjoy a flight or two...
Afterwards we met my family at Mom's house for one last walk-through to be sure we have what we want before Adam comes in to clean it all out. We enjoyed BBQ with her and then headed over to Craig's  mother's to visit with her, his sister ,& husband for a bit. 
Then we headed back home so we could catch up on some of our household chores - for me that meant working in the garden  -
This photo was actually taken back in April soon after Craig had built these awesome critter covers for me - I'm happy to report that I have uneaten blooms on all the squash plants [small cover] - as well as some surviving brussell sprout plants - doubt they'll make due to the heat - and tomatoes are growing inside the [now covered] tomato arbor. -Yes - we're all about re-purposing - those are screen doors we picked up on the side of the road - I'm thinking of painting it brown so it'll look weathered like the rest of the raised beds. They both open up so I can easily get into care for them. I also have peppers and cucumbers, eggplant, and cantaloupe  - all with blooms... and three basil plants, of course...oh, and there's okra planted where the onions are in this photo --
 I also have a few flowers here and there [this area obviously needs a bit more attention -] Love these pink lilies! Also have tiger lilies blooming in several places in the yard [they are from some that grew near the house where my mom grew up...] I keep moving them around the yard trying to find a great spot for them  - lol
And I enjoyed sitting outside, watching fireflies, and reading [on kindle] by the firepit -
Thanks to this great little contraption --
my own personal bug zapper - LOVE. IT.
It doesn't actually ZAP - but puts out a scent that keeps everything away. Got it at Wal-mart last summer and it's made a wonderful difference in my outdoor experience -
I ended the weekend with a wonderful plate of grilled chicken and grilled veggies with rice thanks to my sweet husband...YUM.
 Hope y'all had a great weekend as well!


Gloria L. said...

I'm interested to know more about your plant covers. We have something eating our strawberries! Right now we happen to be on the coast of NC, waiting for the storm to arrive. What luck! But Memorial Day was fun - we visited the local town (New Bern).

Patty Williams said...

I used to always want to ride in a hot air balloon -- not so much any more. I love seeing them in the sky though. One time while out for a drive, we were so fortunate to watch/help several of them get set up and launch and up up and away they went.

Such a beautiful thing!

Linh C. said...

Thought about going to the hot air balloon festival...asked the family if they wanted to go...nobody wanted to get up very early, so we stayed home and went to the movies for Memorial Day.