Monday, May 14, 2012

Note: Due to a long story

 involving our debit card being compromised my email 
Judy at faithbasedpages dot com 
has had severe problems. If you have sent me anything in the last 2-3 weeks – please re-send it because chances are I didn’t get it [and it’s looking like I’ve lost everything prior to that too…] This includes the blog – hop winner and the most recent OMGiveaway winner – please re-send your mailing address to me because I have no way to get old emails. 
Thanks so much!!
So, Monday Musings – Again, random thoughts since I’ve been training all week in the great city of Montgomery – the view out my window 
– at least my addiction to their tea [half sweet / half unsweet] was met…
I’ve mentioned before my propensity for shoes that I apparently got from my mother – here’s my closet 
after I cleaned up before going out of town – 13 pairs heading to Goodwill…and I have no idea what was left - lol so WHO KNOWS how on earth I ended up with THIS PAIR 
that I wore to train in one morning – omgoodness!! 
Had to make a shoe run during lunch that day!!
Here’s the miracle of Neosporin [or triple antibiotic ointment of whatever brand] – Oldest after being cleated 
in the face while playing soccer [OUCH!!] and one week later 
[while fishing with Dad] and daily treatment of Neosporin – wonderful.
And yes, I love technology – 
how wonderful to hear from the youngest daily, 
via our PHONES, while he’s in China for the next few weeks.
[Here he is with his host for this time in Beijing.]
Our lives are full [meaning a little busy - but obviously, we like it that way - lol]
- Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

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Gloria L. said...

So sorry about your debit card! Sad that people will do that and don't even care about the consequences. Hope it all works out OK.