Friday, May 18, 2012

I've been dabbling

in art journaling for a few months - it's not something I do on any regular basis - 
but it IS FUN. 
From the prepping of the pages to the creation of a bit of art that [semi] shows what I'm feeling or thinking on during a certain time in my life - fun. 
My goal is to do a page weekly... we'll see how that goes...
Here's a little piece that I created for the Wild Art class [as Junelle calls it.] 
As I've shared previously - I tend to sketch in one book and then, instead of recreating in my journal, I just tear it out and paste [or in this case, tape] it in and add the journaling -
I decided to put my thoughts in a the cloud - "Okay, I travel a lot - for work, for fun, for  crafting - there are times when I'm out shopping and I have to stop myself and ask - 'what city am I in?' All hotels look much the same... and I'll admit that I get a little tired of it."
[BTW - this art journal was originally a microwave cookbook -
bought at a thrift store - love the spiral binding.]

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Gloria L. said...

It really does look fun! Nice creative outlet!