Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm going to take a moment to

talk about these little napkin rings I may have mentioned here or on facebook...
We used them for the before-mentioned couples tailgate - 
that was decidedly a [University of] Alabama theme....
Got the idea from some on pinterest... 
All you need is pvc and duck tape ... and a good saw - 
[fyi - we ordered our duck tape from Crate and Barrel - 
it has smaller print than the ones you get at Micheal's or Wal-Mart.]
I think they were adorable on the tables.
And I loved the other table decor too - 
red and white tulips in mason jars with hounds-tooth ribbon. So cute.

You just take some pvc and cut it to the width of your duck tape. After cutting be sure and wipe them down with a thick cloth to get off any scraggly [and potentially dangerous bits of plastic shard - seriously - I nicked my hands more than once...]
Then wrap in duck tape.
Quick and Easy.
Craig and I made about 100 of these in less than three hours.
I cleaned while he cut and then he taped while I cleaned...
And of course we had to be sure our boys had their own....
but we forgot to bring the AU plates along... 
With all the different duck tape available these days, 
just think of all the cute ways you might use these!!

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