Monday, April 23, 2012

Okay, so my week

was mostly about getting things accomplished at work so I could be off on Friday to go to another fun scrapping retreat. [All while battling the sinus-induced balloon head - yuck.. ] I'm wondering if these trees are EVER going to stop blooming!! But I have to say, even with the headaches, I'm LOVING our blackberry winter that seems to be lingering a few more weeks than usual...
And I had such a fun time at Scrapping for a Cure - a wonderful - WONDERFUL crop that is all about raising money for cystic fibrosis. Kaitlyn's mother, Rachel, does a fantastic job working hard for donations so that most of the proceeds from our scrapping weekend goes directly for CF research. Here's a little video that shares their story - 
The retreat is usually a couple of days and FULL of free classes, and door prizes, and tons of donated food - wow, I ate more this past weekend than I did all week - lol - all yummy and delicious! I stayed up way past my bed-time and enjoyed visiting with good friends, old and new, and I think I ended the weekend with about ten layouts completed - ha.
But I did have the opportunity for a short visit with my mom, and a quick trip to Joanne's where I purchased my first [ever!] Ott Light [50% off + an additional coupon - yay!]- Oh my! What a difference it makes to these increasingly old eyes of mine. I mean, WOW, you should give it a try!
And I loved teaching a class on junk journals-smash books- whateveryou want to call it books - lol. It's been a while since I've taught a class [for fun! - Y'all know I'm the policy trainer at work...] and I'd truly forgotten how much I enjoyed seeing others embrace new ideas and techniques. So. Fun.
This is our entire group - and I think we raised almost $2,000 for CF Research. Yay! 
[And a great big thank you Sean -- I hope I've spelled that correctly -- Kaitlyn's brother, for taking this photo!]
Oh - and a quick reminder that this is OMGiveaway week - scroll on down and leave a comment there for your chance to win -- 


Amanda said...

I love love love my Ott light! I really want one of the tall ones to keep in my craft room.

Juli said...

Judy... i am glad that i found your blog! I am so thankful for your class ... junk journal or whatever you wanna call it! I am so excited to do more of them! Thanks again for teaching this class. Come on to memphis... we would love to have you! - juli

Gloria L. said...

Now THAT is a fun-loving looking group of women!