Friday, April 6, 2012

I know I've shared our traditional Easter cake

with you through the years – the one I remember my grandmother baking before nine daughters and 30+ gr-children gathered at her house –lol - I doubt we were ever really ALL THERE at the same time. [Were we?!?]
Love the memories from my Mama M’s house – they are calming in my dreams...

Last year I didn’t make it because our boys weren’t going to be home –
and really, we
were out of town to be with our moms;
so no traditional Easter meal at our house.

And this year is much the same –

So when I saw these fun ‘tie-dyed’ cupcakes in a magazine

I thought it would be fun to give them a go

so they could be on-the-go with us

[here’s the recipe – I pinned it last week and had ca-zillion re-pins

from people I don’t even know – fun!]

My only concern was keeping with my tradition of chocolate icing on the multi-colored cake

since these have FLAVORS in them in addition to the colors.

But you know what? Chocolate goes with anything, right?


Not so much -

In retrospect, next year I'll leave out the jello

[I'm not much for flavored cakes] and just go with the colors.

Oh, and I love sprinkles, but don't buy them much now that the boys are grown - these came with the frosting and I thought they'd add a little to the overall goodness!

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