Monday, April 30, 2012

I had a three day work week -

extra busy, getting loose ends tied up on several things that needed my attention...
Then it was time for a ROAD TRIP. It's been a WHILE since Craig and I just hit the road with no clear travel plans... although we knew our destination...
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So we headed south and enjoyed a little pizza with the youngest - started making the list to check twice before he heads to China in JUST A FEW WEEKS - wowsers, gotta get busy on some things. We're happy tto report first-hand that there are new leaves on the toomer oaks - although, you can see that we didn't take the time to get up close and personal...then it was on south where we ate at our favorite little shrimp place in Mobile, enjoyed reminiscing about the days when we lived there, [has it been over 25 years ALREADY?!?] and then headed over to the
Mississippi Gulf Coast. 
While we've been to New Orleans several times since Katrina, this was the first time we've traveled along the coast since she hit - and those of us in the south know that the worst place to be in a hurricane is on the eastern side, so Mississippi got the brunt of it, with whole neighborhoods washed out to sea... and it was still so sad, all these years later, to see that very few have built back. I"ve always loved those homes with HUGE yards overlooking The Gulf. But, I love that there are people who find beauty even in the midst [or aftermath] of the storms of life...
This a tree that was killed along the bay in Bay St. Louis and someone pulled these beautiful carvings from it - 
love the angels! And lots of Gulf sea life carved in there too - new birth after the storm... a different life, but still beautiful.

After a bit of time on the Gulf, we headed out to New Orleans via the scenic route - while I"d never want to live along the bayous of The Gulf Coast [too many gators for me - lol] I do think it's gorgeous country. .
And  I am blessed to share my life with this fun-loving guy who enjoys the road less traveled with me... just meandering along, sharing our dreams and plans...
And here we are in New Orleans where, can you believe it we were eating a lite [? - crab cheesecake, bbq shrimp, and gumbo - appetizer sizes] dinner at 9:30 pm. --- sooooo not good for my tummy. 
But I took my meds - lol... the French Quarter was bustling with artists yesterday and the biegnets were as delicious as always... we may have to head back down that way again today.., y'all have a good week! We'll be back to the 'real world' soon enough --

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