Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is here in the South, y'all!

And oh I love it - even when I can't breathe after only a few seconds outside because of the pollen that is thick enough to coat my car in its yellow blanket. I think I fell in love with spring in the south the April I drove home from school in Utah [1978 - ?!] It was just soooooo beautiful to me. That and the GooGoo Cluster I bought at a gas station in Mississippi - lol - Did you know you can't get GooGoos in Utah? Not then anyway. Ha. Love the dogwood trees in our yard - am thinking of planting a few red ones between these... and I love the little violets that pop up everywhere, and the iris, and forsythia, and the blueberries blooming, and the promise of peonies! And I LOVE our azaleas - would really like to have a few more - but I've tried planting a few the first years we lived here and since it's all about 'survival of the fittest' around my garden they just didn't make it. Speaking of not making it - those rascally rabbits have eaten every last one of my brussel sprout plants - NINE of them. I'm so disappointed - am designing a screen house for my garden in my head - lol. Remember last year I had FOUR tomato plants, and maybe harvested 10 tomatoes all season because of those pesty squirrels... Other news of hte week - worked in Montogmery a couple of days - whee; painted some more with my Art of Wild Abandonment Class [So - So Fun;] Got a check for a piece of art that I donated to a charity auction - still feels so weird to have someone I don't know buy something I did -
And I finished that crazy bathroom mirror, cleaned the house a bit, and gathered some things to donate to Goodwill.
And on a different thought - I'm loving my new Liz Claiborne bag that I bought brand-new at a thrift store for $4 - can you say 'good deal?' And yes, I'll admit I have also donated brand-new things that still have the tags - lol.
Another side note: I was so very sad to see 'slideshow' go away - I've used it for the past 4 years to highlight layouts, vacation photos, design team stuff, and art. So I was VERY PLEASED to find photobucket easy to use and slideshow accessible - take a look to the right and give it a go on your blog too!


Gloria L. said...

Yep, spring has sprung, for sure! I'm loving our gorgeous weather, hoping for an equally gorgeous summer.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Well, spring is coming and going here in the southwest. Just depends on what day you ask!

I can sympathize with you over last year's tomato crop, but the brussel sprouts...not so much! There are really very, very few things I don't like to eat and brussel sprouts are on the top of the list. I did eat them as a child - because they were on the table and we always had to have at least a couple of bites of everything. Now I am all grown up and I don't have to buy them =)