Monday, February 27, 2012

So, before I begin -

I have to say that I am going to miss having easy access to Picnik -- I haven't researched it very much so does anyone know if it will be available on google+? Is that a reason to join up? [The photo above was shadowed since the sun was behind us - so easily fixed with picnik...]
Now, onto the regularly scheduled Monday Musings of the past week... We enjoyed being with the youngest and his pals at the BCM for a bit and we got a pat on the back for having two good boys [young men!] You know we've always thought they were pretty good guys, but it's always nice to hear it from someone else who really doesn't know us.
The rest of the week was spent at The Gulf with my sweetie. I was attending a conference and he worked via computer in the room a bit - with a view of God's [best!] creation. We enjoyed good gulf seafood for dinner each night, and I know I'm spoiled because I had the yummiest gumbo delivered to me during the conference luncheon via my sweetie. Loved driving over to Pensacola to see the lighthouse and a special treat was running into a scrappy friend during lunch, haven't seen each other in over four [five?] years and we easily sat down and shared together [LOVE that facebook helps facilitate friendships like that.] Here's a favorite photo of the week with a little [lot!] of picnik magic - A lone adirondack chair sitting on the beach - shot taken from 7 floors up - cropped, saturated, and lightened exposure - love it.
And okay - I'll admit -- I really did miss this one a bit. So we spent a little shopping time bonding during the weekend.
Scarey moment on Sunday - I'd let her out in the backyard while I worked on my Mardi Gras wreath under the patio cover [got some things half-price to add to it.] And she was running around all over the yard, staying within the boundaries, until she ran toward the front and didn't come back when I called her. So I walked around the edge of the house and saw her just under the tree line just as a hawk swooped down and landed on a branch directly above her. And then another one circled overhead. Apparently, they had been tracking her all over the yard. I had to walk slowly over to get her for fear that she'd run to me and they'd grab her... and I until then coyotes had been my biggest fear [they've been spotted two streets over fro us...]
And well, the bathroom is still not done [we're on Day Ten; all is well,] so soon.. soon.


Gloria L. said...

Oh, my, hawks after pets! That's what they do, though, although it is not a nice thought! Keep watching!

Simple Daisy said...

Hello there!

I agree...I'm going to miss picnik too:( Might have to invest in photoshop or the like!!!
Have a great day!

Elizabeth Turney said...

Hi Judy! I saw a post from you on Cathy Zielske's blog, and followed it here! I had a hunch that "Judy in Huntsville" might be you :-)
Enjoyed looking at your recent blog posts, esp. the Lent post from last year. Our preacher "tasked" us last Sunday with this zinger: give up drinking anything but water, save the money you would spend on soft drinks, coffee, etc., and give all of the $ for the well in Africa we are trying as a congregation to build. So, I took him up on it. The first couple of days without coffee (or tea) were YOU*KNOW*WHAT -- but I am surviving. I'm probably the only person in church who is doing it! haha
Also loved your king cake -- Grace's teacher is from Louisiana so they had a big discussion about FT/MG and she brought a king cake for them.
I look forward to looking around your blog! Take care -- Elizabeth

Jean said...

Wonderful photos! I am going to miss Picnik. I have tried Picassa and that is pretty close.

Sandy said...

I'm falling behind and am so glad I can take a few minutes to catch up again Judy. It sounds like a wonderful trip and I love, love, love the picture of the lighthouse. They are always favorites for me.