Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. The week started with travel to Montgomery for staff meeting. I chose to not spend the night – making it a 14 hour work day – yippee. And of course it was a rainy messy day – Craig and I have decided that we can almost predict the weather based on the days I plan to travel. LOL.
  2. And the next day was a little worse with storms south of us for most of the day. I had a little ‘come-a-part’ when I couldn’t reach the youngest after hearing of the tornado in Auburn . I’d talked with him minutes before and he was in a basement at the BCM where he lives [so much safer than the 3rd floor apartment they lived in before – although, I did love that little apartment.] And finally reached him afterwards to learn that all was well. [Thankfully, no lives lost, although there was substantial damage in some of the student trailer parks.]
  3. Craig and I went to Turkey Toss the next morning – had a lazy [comp-time using] morning with my favorite sausage and tomato biscuit and then we went on over to hang-out with the boys of the show – and watch people toss those frozen turkeys! It was fun to see some of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes into a radio show [I'm not sure this photo is fixable -lol.]
  4. And low and behold later in the week a former pastor said hello to me while walking past me in Wal-Mart – this is the same pastor who would walk right past me over and over [and over again] and never even give me a nod when I was a member of his church – in a teaching position with Craig as substitute music director. Go figure. I’ve always tried to be benevolent and say that he’s just not an extrovert – but still….
  5. I worked on my little ‘30 Days of Thankfulness’ book this week – made from a hardbound library book I picked up a thrift store [with 30 numbered pages, how fun is that?!?] I put some pumpkin paper down on the front, painted the edges, and then finally decided to try this iron-on [for fabric] that I’ve had for a while – and it worked well enough. Used alpha –stickers for the title. I’ll try and remember to share photos of the inside before the end of the month.
  6. It’s been an honor to prayfully walk along side some close friends who said good-bye to a loved one this week. It’s always hard – even when it’s not unexpected. Please keep them in your prayers in the coming days and weeks. LOTS to take care of. Love you guys.
  7. Had a routine doctor’s visit this week, took care of some insurance requirements [whew!] and talked about some things that need to be scheduled during the new year. I’m ready for it. [Nothing serious – I’ll share more later on.]
  8. Youngest is home and we enjoyed the traditional $1 Night Sushi with oldest and his gal. Nothing says family time like raw fish – lol.
  9. I went to Lowe Mill Saturday to sell my wares. Surprised to find that there were less vendors than the last time I was there. And I LOVE my new cart to carry things in /out on my own. – Also still love the set-up that my sweetie designed for me using old shutters.
  10. Today is the last work-day of the week for me as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving – it’s a favorite holiday for me – with the only expectation being to enjoy family time. And THAT we will – lots of traveling over the next few days. And cooking, something I really do enjoy when I’m not rushed to get it done. Hope you all have a wonderful day – remember your blessings – the greatest one being our Savor who loved us enough to provide redemption.

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Gloria L. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!