Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. It was mostly just a normal week for us – temps are cold and warm, like a southern ‘fall’ should be. I harvested the last of the peppers and gave them away. Still have some tomatoes ripe on the vine as I type this, and am contemplating if I should try to save the last basil plant that’s still living by bringing it inside for the winter [LOVE the idea of fresh basil through out the winter – caring fro the plant, not so much.] Brought the bougainvillea in and hoping it can winter over inside…enjoying these little mums that I planted last year…
  2. I’ve had this urge to do a cartwheel for a few weeks now – strange? Perhaps. [Many] years ago my sister and I made a semi-pack that we’d do a cartwheel every year on Thanksgiving – but who can remember the last time that happened? Still. I kept thinking, I want this 50+ year old woman to give it a try – thinking that I’d probably break a leg or something… so one evening this week when I was out in the backyard with EmmaLou I just went for it.
  3. Wow. Wasn’t expecting the WRISTS to be weak. Ha. I made it all the way through, but, wow, the wrists hurt. LOL. And sadly, that may be the last cartwheel this old woman ever does. SO glad I didn't break my wrists.
  4. We went down to see our city’s new veteran’s memorial after church on Sunday – it’s so very nice and respectful. Gives a great history of the USA ’s defense of our freedom and honors those from our area who have lost lives fighting for our country.
  5. Enjoyed dinner with good friends on 11-11-11. So fun. We’ve tried to get together each year on these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ dates. But as life has gotten busier we’ve missed a few years. [Missed our boys – had them text me a photo at 11:11 a.m.]
  6. Here’s a quick [?] run-down: 01-01-01 – Disney; 02-02-02 – bowling; 03-03-03 – Pizza Hut; 04-04-04 – picnic on the mountain; 05-05-05 – Cinco de Mayo potluck; 06-06-06 – cook out; 07-07-07 – The Melting Pot; 08-08-08 – we moved both boys to Auburn; 09-09-09: who knows? I have one photo taken that day of a scrapbook frame I completed and other photos that month included Drew's birthday and mine and Craig's trip to the sunflower field; 10-10-10 – Mentone antiquing; 11-11-11 – Macaroni Grill; and 12-12-12 –? We’re hoping to do a progressive dinner all together – but we’ll see what the next year has planned for us.
  7. Cropped with friends on Saturday – so thankful that I have a group close-by to get together with regularly. And it’s so fun that we’re different in lots of ways and yet still find so much in common while sharing this love [addiction - ?] of paper crafting. And I say that because everyone had different projects to work on – cards, and mini-books, and vinyl lettering on glass jars [fun!] and scrapbook pages, – and I finished up 24 tags for a swap [did two pages too!].
  8. I’m taking a couple of on-line classes right now – I always think its great to try new things. One is [wet] felting which is so fun, but I’m not sure I have the patience for it – lol. Still – I’m loving the projects, the flowers in particular. The other is a Christ-based creativity / art class. I’ve done one painting from that class that I’m happy with, but I love the way it stretches my thought process. And Craig and I worked on a little ‘trophy’ project for a friend at work who’s retiring; should be fun – we enjoyed putting it all together.
  9. I’m also enjoying discussing Mama’s homework with her as I type it up for the class she’s attending [via DVD] – ‘Jesus and The Gospels” with Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson from Yale and Emory Universities . Love seeing her involved in so many things in her new community.
  10. And lastly, praying for so many I know who are dealing with illness – their own, and that of their loved ones. Praying God’s peace will be felt as they walk through these days.


Gloria L. said...

Yikes, I'm glad you got that cartwheel business out of your system. The memorial (we saw it on TV but they didn't say where it was) looks like a nice place. We'll have to check it out. Stay warm! Our tomatoes have already been subject to one freezing night and are gone.

Scrapin Kat said...

Cartwheel? Just stay off the trampoline.... It is cool here at home makes you want to cook & craft! Glad I stopped by to get a sneak peek (lol) looking forward to our get together... been way to long for me!
Now to decide Stuffing or dressing? My northern roots say stuffing...
Happy Thanksgiving!