Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. LOVING this fall weather! And I’ll surely miss the view from my office once we’re moved to the new building!
  2. And I so enjoy having time to [just] sit out on our patio [at home] to enjoy God’s creation.
  3. I took some time this week to get all the scrappy – creative stuff unpacked and sorted [for give-away] and put away. Between the two events in October – there was a lot of STUFF.
  4. And I’m taking two on-line classes right now so I also have a lot STUFF out for works-in-progress. I’ll share them soon.
  5. Soooo happy to report that little Emma Lou has [for the most part] gotten the hang of house-training. Something just clicked during the weekend she traveled with us to Atlanta. Sooooo happy to have the doggie gates down. [Of course – she’s crated when we’re not home.]
  6. It’s hard to believe that there’s only a few weeks left in 2011 – in some ways it seems like it’s gone in a flash and in others, it seems time has lingered on. I usually pre-post the monthly quotes when I work out / town in January – and there’s only one pending now. Wow.
  7. So I’m making plans for blog changes for 2012. I want to be mindful about my posts. One category I’m hoping to add: family heirlooms. As we’ve been going through things in Mama’s house it’s clear that the BIG things aren’t always the most meaningful.
  8. Sooo fun to have youngest and his gal home for the weekend – love that our boys enjoy spending time together. And this is another one of Craig’s toys that he’s enjoying tinkering with –
  9. We enjoyed a nice steak dinner before THE GAME on Saturday – and I made this little dish to go along with it. YUM-eee. It was an attempt to be healthy, but then we finished the meal with these. LOL. Warning: Apple Dumplings should only be made when you have a group of people to share them with –
  10. And lastly, I must say once again, how thankful I am for multi-symptom cold meds – lol. It reduces the swelling and takes care of clearing the sinuses all in one [well two] little pill[s]. Yay. Because of them [and the zyrtec I take nightly] I have not been to the doctor since January –

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Gloria L. said...

We are enjoying the falling leaves, too, even the walk to the mailbox is full of adventure! The season of gratitude is here, it's all good!