Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Travelis my life – it’s the truth. So far in September I’ve traveled more than two hours away for work or play ten days out of twenty. 10/20 does that sound fun? And the month’s not over...
  2. So I have to say – I AM TIRED OF EATING OUT OF A BAG. I’m committing today to taking a break from fried food – had sushi and salad for dinner [out / town] last night.
  3. We went to the Demolition Derby Thursday evening –Is this becoming an annual event? I love how we always find a favorite car to root for during each ‘heat.’ The highlights for this year? One car almost went over the barricade, and a couple of the others got on top of each other until a ‘friend’ came over and rammed the one underneath out from under…
  4. We met friends at the Lincoln County Fair where there was FRIED FOOD – and this year I took my meds and we showed no restraints – had hot dogs with chili, cotton candy, corn dogs, fried oreos, and, are you ready? Fried Butter. Who Knew? I didn’t taste that one – but was told that it tasted similar to a cinnamon roll. And I’ll be honest – I had my white stuff as a night –cap. Lol.
  5. MySweetie found a great deal [he is SUCH A GREAT SHOPPER!] on a new toy– yay for him! So now - instead of growing grass, will I be growing ... -men? [Family lore ---]
  6. Had a GREAT time at Alabama’s United States of Fiskateers’ Party on Saturday![I’ll post more on this fun event in a couple of days!] Didn't Lesa do a wonderful job with the cupcake toppers?!?
  7. And had a wonderful family dinner on Sunday. It’s always nice to be together with family.
  8. We’re really [[really!]] enjoying the cooler weather these days –
  9. And the robins are back! I bet I counted thirty in the yard yesterday morning -they come through each spring and fall. And a funny story about that -
  10. We always learned in school that birds fly south for the winterand I guess we thought that some must be heading to South America or something – truth is, we have birds around our house all winter long and thought nothing of it until we visited St. Paul in November a few years back – and while we were walking around downtown and in the parks [y’all know they have snoopy statues, don’t you?] we noticed how eerily quiet it was – and you guessed – NOT A BIRD IN SIGHT. That was the moment Craig and I realized that we just might live in the south that the birds migrate too - lol


Gloria L. said...

Love the bird story!

Viji Siddharth said...

love the story!those cup cakes are soooo cute!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Thank you for sharing your US of F pictures! I cannot wait until our special day comes around...not until November 5th!

Who would have thought? Fried butter!

We used to love the demolition derby at our county fair, but for some reason, they don't have it any longer. Not sure why, it was always standing room only!