Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Last week I traveled through parts of the state that was hardest hit by The Storms in April – and wow, there are no words – even now, four months later. It’s terrible devastation; not only are entire neighborhoods GONE – but the businesses too – so that means no income for so many as well… and yet the people continue on –
  2. I also had the opportunity to visit my skin doctor – my twice a year, burn the pre-skin-cancerous spots off the body, hurt like heck, visits that I never quite look forward to – but a girl-who-grew-up-in-the-south-without-sunscreen’s- gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. All will be healed and well in a couple of weeks.
  3. But I look a little leprosy-poky-dotted right now. [Just keepin' it real, folks.] And a little known tidbit – did you know that a mixture of vinegar and water put on twice daily heals better than triple antibiotic ointment? [Doctor’s Orders.] Of course, I smell like a pickle…
  4. Had dinner with friends at pizza hut and enjoyed seeing one of ‘our’ newest college students [home for the weekend] basking in his newfound freshman freedom.
  5. My sweetheart and the oldest went dove hunting all day Saturday and I took the time to drag out the sewing machine [I’m such a seamstress] and do some mending. I also sorted through some scrapbook stuff in the attic in preparation for the upcoming Alabama United States of Fiskateers event – it’ll be fun!
  6. And I made muscadine jelly. Yum. So happy it turned out clear and pretty. Do any of y’all add the little bit of butter to prevent foaming? I just can’t seem to be able to bring myself to do that – so I skim, and I skim, and I skim… and I skim some more. LOL.
  7. And I cleaned house a bit…
  8. And I finally broke down and bought The Help Saturday evening. [Here’s a great review that says most everything I have to say too-] LOVE that I can buy it on my kindle and start reading immediately without ever having to leave the house. And once I get my nose in a book I can’t seem to put it down – so I finished it up about 6:00 Monday morning…
  9. ... taking breaks only to go up to the Dog Days flea market where I bought more transformers for my bottle tree and to eat rice noodles at Craig’s favorite Chinese Buffet. Yum. [Note: the clear transformer is from my mother-in-law {thank you!} and I love the way it looks like a giant screw. Fun!]
  10. Loving this rain that Lee is bringing to us – no storms at all – just a steady drizzle [and, at times, heavy down pour] and much [[much]] cooler temps. Of course Emma Lou doesn’t quite understand the reason she has to run out and get all wet just do her business. But I refuse to walk her out under an umbrella like Mama used to do for Jot [the family Yorkie.]

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Gloria L. said...

Hi! We're enjoying a steady drizzle of rain, too! I used to get doused with vinegar, especially after a sunburn. It does make you smell like a pickle, but definitely helps!