Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. More travel for work - it's the story of my life these days - but it's nice to be catching up to date with things - and again, went to a town in my state that I've never been in [and after traveling for work these last ten years I feel like there aren't many of those left - lol] - I love these sleepy southern towns where you go to the local grocery store deli for lunch -
  2. They always reinforce that while I may not live in a busy urban city - I'm definitely NOT a country girl. LOL -- That's my office, third window from the right at the top of the yellow building to the left. And yes, I love my view.]
  3. Found a shipley's donuts in Birmingham - who knew? I tucked a box into the front seat of my car with a work jacket and traveld on southward - and they
  4. melted all over my jacket - I searched and searched for the stain before putting it on and going into my meeting only to rub my shoulder half-way through and feel a dried sugary mess on one shoulder -ha.
  5. Craig has found the true joy of facebook - to entertain oneself - and if you happen to be following along with Cameron's Travel Log then you know exactly what I'm takling about. [Cameron is my brother's stuffed -- think taxidermy -- fox that was 'kidnapped' a week or so ago. And no, this is not a real photo of him.]
  6. Craig and I went to see "The Help" during the weekend - and we enjoyed it so much - now I've GOT to read the book so I can see these characters developed just a bit more [may have to read Jump the Broom too because when we saw it there seemd to be a lot of missing info-] Also loved the bottle tree in Constantine's yard.
  7. Went to a fun scrapping yard sale - I'm still amused at how my paper purchases have changed now that I always have foremost in my mind the need to dress my girls -
  8. And I cropped with a different group of ladies - so fun to meet new crafters!
  9. I'll be honest and say that I'm not loving the worship time at church since we're getting farther and farther away from songs I'm familiar with - but I always pray that the Lord will use them to touch someone's heart [maybe I should include myself in that 'someone' - ?]
  10. And I visited with my mom this week - SO HAPPY [!!!!!!] with the improvements she has made!

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LindainNCtoo said...

I love your post this week, Judy.

I dislike when our church goes through songs that don't get me in the mood to praise HIM. I like the traditional songs/hymns. That always gets me choked up with the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy your weekend.