Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. My week included four days of training policy to 20 new [to us] staff – wheee! – I’m the state trainer for our division so not only do I train – but I’m responsible for seeing that all the material is covered. And let’s just say my OCD had a couple of run-ins with someone else's ADD– lol. But we gotter done. [As we say in the South -]
  2. Traveling alone is a little boring. I did shop some, but I"m not one to go out to eat alone. And to be honest, by the end of the day I'm so pooped to be good company with anyone else.
  3. So once I got home I was thrilled to just veg-out for most of the day. I slept-in, read a whole book, ate vegetables, and just relaxed. So nice.
  4. We went to the Flying Monkey’s Artist Showcase at Lowe Mill this week – open free for artists in the area to share their wares. It is such a beautiful old warehouse – a great place if you need studio space and have the time to meet their requirements. I’m considering participating a couple of Saturdays closer to The Holidays.
  5. We caught up with friends over dinner on Sunday afternoon.
  6. And we also had time to get the lawn / garden done – I really [REALLY] love to mow the lawn and was able to finish it up just before the first rain drops started to fall.
  7. We had sushi with the boys on Monday night. Fun food and fellowship together.
  8. And since I don’t work outside I’m still not detesting the heat – but I’ll concede that it’s felt like a sauna a few days this week with the 200% humidity.
  9. While out / town I took some girls to paint. And again, love them all. Each one ends up with their own personality, and I have to say this is one of my all-time favorites, so don’t be surprised if she ends up hanging in my office. [Psalm 23]
  10. And speaking of my girls - Flickr has informed me that I've reached my quota for free - so instead of paying them for that service, I'll be moving them over to the website I already pay monthly for. More to come.


LindainNCtoo said...

I still love your posts on Tuesdays, Judy. :)

Gloria L. said...

Flying Monkey's? I'll have to check that out! Thanks for the head's up!