Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Let me start by saying that my sweet husband keeps me on an even keel in the storms of life. I'm so thankful that he chose to go through life with me-
  2. I've had another busy week - filled with good things, and work things, and better things -it's all about the attitude we choose to have, really.
  3. Got mom home from rehab on Thursday and she seems to be doing a little better each day. I still have hope that she will be up and at 'em before long.
  4. I took my inspiration board [an on-line class assignment] to work so I can see it every day - I love it hanging right over my desk - [and I'll share a larger photo so you can see the poster I've had over my desk since my first year at work n Mobile in 1983 - this rabbit was a local celeb ... seems he ran free in their yard and every afternoon he'd jump in this big barrel of water to cool off.]
  5. And we enjoyed getting together for pizza with our camping buddies [veggies lovers + bacon for me - is that a paradox?] - friends we've hung out with for over 20 years - camping or not. LOL.
  6. Pet Peeve - well, maybe not really a *peeve* - but definitely something that irks me - and it's not even a bad thing - but -- I. Am. So. Tired. of going to my favorite blogs only to have them covered with give-a-ways and advertisements. So. Tired. I started reading them for the CONTENT - not the commercials...
  7. We had a family reunion this weekend with my dad's side of the family. [Much thanks to John for all the wonderful photos.] - Why don't we do this more often guys? We sure enjoyed being with each other and sure did miss those who were unable to join us. So. Fun. Love my dad's sisters so much - THEY are an inspiration.
  8. I'll try and get photos to share next week [or the next] of Pauly - he's very different from any cat we've had before. When we got him last summer he appeared to be a short-haired kitty but as time went on he puffed into a long haired cat that made me sneeze anytime I walked by him, much less touched him - and now, back to the summer again, he's lean and slick and cute as can be - and I'm not sneezing. I just wonder if he'll puff up like a marshmallow again in the winter. Very different.
  9. I took a little time to re-do my art area - I'm loving the smaller bins that have all the things I use to create - all divided and easily accessible. My crafty area[s] continually change as the way I create changes.
  10. And I was able to paint backgrounds this weekend - lots and lots of backgrounds. It felt good to take the time to be creative. I hope to finish them up this week.


craftymom205 said...

Love your ten on Tuesdays. Glad your mom is doing better.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

Gloria L. said...

We have a family reunion coming up in two weeks - in the Smokies! I love going there, and this time we're staying in a B&B. So fun! Hope your mom is better! You are so lucky to still have her around.