Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Worked two days in Birmingham - and was so glad to have my sweetie come along with me! [Photo not from this little trip -]
  2. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory and The PawPaw Patch - and guess which was our favorite? PawPaw's - hands down - I'm not sure I'll ever go to The Cheesecake Factory again...
  3. Mom's doing so much better, and while she still needs some assistance, she should be going back to her apartment in a few days.
  4. I ate a 'california gold' tomato - and it was yummy - but it looked so much like cantaloupe that I couldn't get my taste buds to reconcile with my eyesight - lol
  5. The last space shuttle went up - and while I didn't get a chance to watch it, I was a little sad - I hope our little city can survive the cut-backs of the space program.
  6. I was called to be a substitute for bunko - and it was good to reconnect with some friends I haven't seen for a while ...
  7. Saw a church sign promoting their Harry Potter Vacation Bible School - and while I consider myself fairly liberal in my faith beliefs [and I do love Harry and the gang,] I just can't quite put the two together...
  8. So [sooooo] hot this week with a heat index of 110* or higher - and since I don't have to work outside I'm still not tired of it -
  9. I planted some daisy like flowers yesterday afternoon [big and orange with brown centers - I hope they'll come back every year.
  10. And finally - I'm so enjoying having youngest home for the summer - and seeing oldest a little more often too.


Gloria L. said...

I will miss the shuttle, too. I could see it from my living room window when I was living in FL. Now I think the FL weather has followed me up here! YIKES!

Viji Siddharth said...

Such a nice picture of you two! I love cheesecake factory..never been to pawpaws! I have been so busy oflate...we moved..unpacked...had two birthday parties for my son!! One more to go! my inlaws are here! Its so hectic over here!

I need to get pics of his thomas birthday party!So I can scrap them! i got some very cool thomas paper!

I am sad I am missing the online crop at fiskateers totally...

It is soooooo hot over here too!