Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I traveled a couple of days for work this week - and had some productive work meetings. Even went to the mall for a manicure and spinach calzone - yippee.
  2. Matt had a house guest but because of my crazy schedule I feel like I hardly saw them - still it was nice to have a little time to get know each other.
  3. We enjoyed Craig's delicious fish one evening - YUM. He [[always]] does a great job preparing this meal for us! [Love having all my boys together!]
  4. And I enjoyed spending time with Mom for her birthday - got her a few boxes of her favorite petit fours to share.
  5. So I'll admit - we're looking at dogs... I'm not READY to be a dog-owner again, but I am entertaining the idea...
  6. We've had a couple of little thunderstorms with BIG BURSTS of wind & almost lost the [two week old] patio cover one night this week - NOT FUN.
  7. Something, who knows what?! took the cat's bowl and food bin [weighing at least 8 pounds!] ALL THE WAY to the woods behind our house - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. We've had critters [mostly raccoons] drag their food a few feet during the night - but NEVER during THE DAY and never this far...
  8. We went to the buffet at Guntersville Lodge [such devastation surrounding it from the April storms...] and I had a slice of [the BEST!] chocolate pie in memory of my dad..
  9. I received notification that a couple of my layouts [two of my all-time favorites!] are in the upcoming 'Stamping-Stationary-and- Scrapbooking' magazine from Hobby Lobby. Yippee! It should be on sale July 1st.
  10. And lastly - I'm almost ready to call myself an artist [thanks for the encouragement from many of you!] My friend Pippa said her accountant said you are an artist when a stranger buys art you have created -- and that happened Thursday night - whoohooo!


Gloria L. said...

Of course you are an artist! Pat yourself on the back! Maybe that racoon bandit had a little help...

Viji Siddharth said...

Congratulations on your first sale:) Wow you are being published..that must be so awesome!