Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Remember our patio cover’s demise in the snow earlier in the year? Well, after much debate about replacing with another temporary one versus waiting until we can invest in a more permanent one – the temporary won [with a vow to push the snow off if we should have another winter like last year’s.] And I love it – it’s so nice to sit outside without the sun blazing down on me. [Of course there’s not much room to sit in this photo – bc of all the art stroll stuff being sheltered underneath it.]
  2. We bought goggles to use in the great bathroom tear-out – so we’re [ever so] slowly making progress – lol. It’ll get done…
  3. And I’m looking forward to it – I [really] love working together on a project with Craig – it’s just so much fun to share ideas and come together with something that works ‘just right’ for us.
  4. Speaking of which – we finally took the time this week to get things straightened up around the house & yard. While we’ve done a little ‘band-aid’ maintenance here and there, for the most part, this is the first time since January that we’ve given things the attention it needs. And it was fun to work together toward the common goal…
  5. Oldest came over one evening and cooked dinner for us – lemon pepper steak with mashed cauliflower [something I’ve always wanted to try, and it was pretty good, actually.] He’s still limiting carbs and has lost almost 40 pounds.
  6. And yes, he’s bought a motorcycle – something that neither of us is very happy about… but he’s a [half] grown man and can make his own decisions [my newest mantra – ha.]
  7. I also took a few hours this weekend to give the garden some much-needed lovin’ [and I’ll admit that I’m a bit sore from all the work.] It’s slowly coming along – hope to have some tomatoes and okra in a few weeks!
  8. We also had the opportunity to catch up with some friends while meeting them for dinner on two different evenings; once at Piccadilly’s and then at Macaroni Grill. Different as they might be – we enjoy eating at both places – and of course, visiting and catching up with friends – IRL is always good.
  9. Youngest has moved home for the summer – has a short-term job at a new company working in his major field [computer engineering.] Yippee!
  10. And lastly, a girl in my office brought us all these fun sunflower cupcakes one day – YUM! Happy Summer everyone!


Gloria L. said...

Love the new patio cover! Congrats to the one losing the weight, it's so hard to eat healthy!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Always good to hear what you are doing! Good luck with your bathroom project. Keep the enthusiasm and keep remembering the very phrase you used, "It'll get done!"